Monday Musings: Back To Basics


I’m back y’all! I needed that month away like you don’t know! I was seriously <THIS> close to saying “FTS” and deleting because I was sooo…I don’t even know what the word is, but unhappy is the first thing that comes to mind. I was unhappy with the state of this blog, my focus (which was all over the damn place), my life…Do you know how stressful it is running a blog? No, well let me tell you: It’s HELLA skressful!

I was doing the most and getting little in return. This is a book blog, and I was trying to make it some book/lifestyle hybrid and well…


I had to step away and rethink, well, not really. I just had to step away, lol. This is a book blog ad nothing more. This blog will be about books and the people who write them. So going forward there will be lots of spotlights on books, new and old.

I do not post reviews on this blog. I post recommendations. If I like it, I post it. Seriously, y’all, who gives a shit about one person’s opinion? I’m a jerk when it comes to reviews anyway. Either I gush to the point of you wanting to barf, or I read it for filth. But I digress…

Look for more spotlights, tours, and recommendations. It’s back to basics, but this ain’t no basic blog…


15 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Back To Basics

  1. Excellent. I’m glad you’re back and focused on what you most enjoy. That’s always important. It’s all too easy, sometimes, to veer off course and get lost. Looking forward to your no nonsense way of putting the word out there.


  2. Welcome back! I’ve had to amuse myself for the last month, and even though I’m hilarious, it’s more fun coming here. And the police aren’t called. Again.

    😄😄😄 #LetsDoThis

  3. Glad you are back…everyone needs a break from aomething to get recharged. Keep doing what you are doing 🙂

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