New Release: The Farmer & The Belle by D.A. Young


The Farmer & The Belle: Brand new from author D.A. Young! If all farmers were this sexy, then I’m packing all my bags and moving out to pasture! This dude, Maxwell Hayes, will have you feeding the chickens one minute while he’s feeding you something the next…


(This is my likeness of Max Hayes and is for entertainment purposes only)


From underneath his camel colored Stetson, the hard planes of his face were softened by his extremely attractive features. Those gorgeous sleepy-looking bedroom eyes were framed by thick straight black eyebrows and he had a strong straight nose with full supple lips. He had high cheekbones and a chiseled jaw covered with a neatly trimmed beard that came to a point just beneath his chin, further enhancing his rugged sexiness. All of this temptation was dipped in a gorgeous sienna package. In Georgina’s polished, little world, men just didn’t look like him—so raw, sexy and utterly masculine. How very intriguing…


I will give up  city suburban life and move to the farm tomorrow and work the land for this man!

Don’t get it twisted: While this is a “sensually erotic” romance, it does deal with some serious themes, which D.A. Young is known for. I love how she gives you the real by mixing the bitter with the sweet. And the sweet is oh, so tasty!

The Farmer & The Belle is available now, exclusively on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited



3 thoughts on “New Release: The Farmer & The Belle by D.A. Young

  1. gotdamb!, he is hawt!!!! whew!

    I’d move from the city myself, lols! I have this one…can’t wait to read it 🙂

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