New Release: Passion Unleashed: Nylora’s Fate by Serenity King


Okay Serenity King fans: Get ready! This is a lil’ sum’n different than what you may be used to from this veteran author (at least for me…)

Nylora’s Fate is the sizzling, erotic tale of (chaotic) good vs. evil, vampire vs shifter, and the woman caught in the middle. Nylora was warned to stay away from Club Max, but like me, if you tell me not to do something, guess what? I’m gon’ do it!

Lorcan is the evil vampire set out to avenge his sect’s banishment from the vampire nation, and Nylora is the pawn he needs to exact his revenge-until she got his ass sprung and ready to claim her as his own…

Costin is the vampire/wolf hybrid who must save Nylora from Lorcan, but he also wasn’t expecting to be sprung in the process. What started as a mission to put an end to Lorcan and his evil ways has now become a suicide mission: Save his people and the woman he loves. Will he be successful or will Lorcan and his merry band of jackass rogues prevail?

Note: This is book 2 in the “Unleashed” series, but they can be read as a stand alone.


2 thoughts on “New Release: Passion Unleashed: Nylora’s Fate by Serenity King

  1. I kinda like the sound of this and it’s paranormal too? oh yeah, getting added to my wishlist!

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