Monday Musings: Just Do It!

Monday Musings!

Authors are people too.Β  Oh really?! You mean they aren’t these literary geniuses who just transport me to another time and dimension?! Nope, they just regular ol’ folks like me-the reader, the fangirl, the asshole critic…

So where am I going with this? I am friendly with a lot (ok, a handful) of authors, and we talk intimately about their works in progress or an idea that they may have for a new story, and the universal trait that they all seem to possess, regardless of their genres or writing styles, is “Will the readers like it?” And to that, my answer is always a universal:

who cares

Now, don’t go all “oh-no-she-din’t” on me. I’m trying to make a point, and the point is: Write what’s in your heart and not what you think the audience may or may not like. We’re a fickle breed, us humans, and when you begin to compromise your creative truths to please others or to make a few dollars, a tiny piece of you dies inside (I speak from experience.)


While you may be catering to the preferences of one group of readers, you may be alienating another. We’re all like children sometimes and have to be force fed in order to try something new (me and broccoli-and I now love broccoli). If they’re a true fan, they’ll give it a shot. And if not…Well, everything ain’t for everybody, but at least you can say “I did that!” So, include that iffy passage or venture outside of the genre that put you on. If you don’t, you’ll be full of shoulda, woulda, couldas…when instead, you can be like



11 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Just Do It!

  1. Yes. And I add a “Preach sista’.” Too true. I write what I like, tell the types of stories I want to read. Is it nice when readers agree? Without a doubt. It feels great when a reader “gets” it. But it’s all subjective and I have to remind myself to keep that in mind. Happy Monday to you.

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