New Release: Finding Kennedy by Jacinta Howard


Many moons ago, I bought a book called Happiness in Jersey by an author who was new to me. Why did I buy it? Word of mouth is a powerful thing, and I was looking for some AA new adult romance because everything seemed to be either mainstream or IR (nothing against that, but I want what I want, you know?)

Happiness in Jersey introduced us to the R&B/neo-soul/hip-hop fusion band The Prototype, and how Jersey Kincaid and Zay Broussard met and fell in love. Well, in Finding Kennedy, we get to catch up with Jersey and Zay, but this story is all about Kennedy James and Travis Broussard (Zay’s cousin). The Prototype is what ties them all together, but this story is all Kennedy and Travis…lawd, I am in love with this man Travis. He ain’t perfect by a long shot, but neither is Kennedy, and this is probably one of the realest stories of love at first sight that I’ve ever read. Talk about two people who are tethered! And the music is the tie that binds.


This is a love story, man, with just enough drama to keep you engaged without you losing your shit because they start doing dumb stuff. The romance is sensual and seductive. And this couple is GOR-GEOUS! Click it up!




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