Book Spotlight: BrewGirl by Eliza David


One of the reasons that brought me back to blogging is all the new authors (new, as in “new to me”) that I meet. Eliza David has been around for a minute, and I am just discovering her! Well, she discovered me, lol, but I digress…

Ms. David specializes in writing about older women/younger men (and not the jail bait variety either). We always see the May/December romances, but let an older, more mature woman take a dip in the fountain of youth, and she’s got issues. Again, I digress…

BrewGirl is the latest stand alone from Eliza David, who has also written a series entitled The Cougarette (Book 1 is currently free at the time of posting). BrewGirl is on my radar because of this opening line:

What happens when a feminist meets the chauvinist of her dreams?

Say what?! She had me at feminist, but you know a chauvinist will bring the drama. Let’s meet the star and her lover:

Okay! We could be friends, only I ain't down with bad sex.
Okay! We could be friends, only I ain’t down with bad sex.


Sounds like a fuckboy, but he cute
Sounds like a fuckboy, but he cute, and I’m sure Zoe gon teach him some thangs…

Add BrewGirl to your TBR, or better yet, click it up today! And connect with author Eliza David on Facebook and Twitter.


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