Book Recommendation: Inflamed: A Shadow Riders MC by Kiki Leach

Book Rec

When an author places all kinds of disclaimers on their work, it makes me do one of two things: Run for the hills or Click it with the quickness. I guess it’s no secret which route I took with Inflamed: A Shadow Riders MC by Kiki Leach…


I love MC romances. Specifically, I love MC romances that feature black women as the objects (Feminists, just roll with me. This ain’t the kind of story where being PC is a factor) of the biker’s affection because let’s keep it real here: motorcycle clubs are for the most (I said most, don’t trip) part run by a bunch of misogynistic, racist white dudes who have no regard for the rules of society unless they’re their own. If you can stomach such a read (hence, the very valid need for all them umpteen disclaimers), then this book is for you.

This story is a dirty, gritty, realistic account of life in a hardcore MC. Author Kiki Leach does not sugarcoat jack! From the language to the action, this story is XXX in your face, only-God-can-judge-me for reading this type of fiction.

Jacob “River” Hawkins is the gorgeous, hardened VP of The Shadow Riders. River only cares about two things: his daughter and restoring The Shadow Riders to the feared and formidable MC it used to be before they were framed for a crime considered even heinous by MC standards. Mia Sullivan is a woman hiding in plain sight. Eight years ago she was violated in the most despicable way and left for dead before she was rescued by an unlikely guardian angel.

In short, I was thoroughly entertained by this story. I laughed. I cringed. I ooh’d and ahh’d… Yes, there are some romantic elements (Can you really call it that, lol?) amongst the muck of MC life, but what really makes this story so good is the dialogue. Whewww…It is not for the faint of heart. River and Mia go through some thangs, and the road to happiness is dangerous and rocky. This is a long, savory read, but it is a complete story. I wouldn’t call the ending a cliffhanger, per se, but merely an indicator that there are more stories to come. Very worthy of a click-if you can make it past the sample 0_0.


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