Monday Musings: Reading Snobs Can Suck A…


🍋🍋🍋! (See, getcha mind out the gutter!)

So, I work with these broads who claim to be voracious readers, and I’m thinking I’ve found a couple of kindred spirits-not  because we necessarily read the same things, but simply because they love to read books as much as I do. So we’re making general small talk about how we just love to read and how we’d rather spend a quiet evening with a book than with actual people, and internally, I’m screaming


After a few more minutes of speaking generalities about our mutual love of reading, the question finally comes up: “So, what do you actually like to read?” Internally, I’m already bracing myself because I know some shit is about to go down, and in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…


But you know me. I ain’t never scurred, so I proudly answer: I love romance novels, and I almost exclusively read romance only.These heffas look at me like I just said I’m voting for Donald Trump.

After what feels like an eternity, their looks of surprise and, I swear, disappointment, wear off, they’re like “Oh. I would never figure you as a romance reader. You strike me as the Terry McMillan/Walter Moseley/Stephen King type.

Really bitch

So not only have I been stereotyped by my supposed “personality”, but I have also been insulted because of my reading preference.

Why do romance novels get a bad rap? Or is it rep? If you have never read or haven’t read a romance novel since a 1985 Silhouette Romance paperback with the glossy white covers and painted portraits, then how can you have the au-da-ci-tee to criticize a genre you know nothing about?

Do they not know that romance novels are a billion dollar industry and account for over 13% of the mass market? I’m in pretty damn good company. Hoes, don’t try me…

Since when did what you read become as important, or if not as important, as the act of reading itself? Do you criticize young adults (and some old-ass adults) for still reading comic books and graphic novels? As a result of reading hundreds of romance novels, I cannot tell you how many new words I’ve added to my vocabulary. I cannot tell you how I’ve discovered many new exotic locales and cultures and cuisines in my reading travels. I’ve learned more about mobsters and the gangster lifestyle than I have watching the entire Godfather saga. I’ve even acquired a few bedroom techniques that would put some porn productions to shame.

So you see, reading is fundamental. And it’s not what you read, but how what you read makes you feel and the experiences you take away from it.  Don’t ever let someone shame you for loving to read. Whether it’s romance or cookbooks or self-help guides, take pleasure in the joy those words give you.

And while you snobs are  busy doing Netflix and chill, I’m doing Kindle and thrill. Peace out, haters…

Court appreciation


21 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Reading Snobs Can Suck A…

  1. I’ve a friend that only reads zombie apocalypse novels.

    I’ve a friend That only reads smut. If there’s no steamy dirty sex, she’s not interested.

    Nonfiction. Fiction. Small town romances… People are reading. Folks should be too busy reading to worry about what others are reading.

  2. Haha those GIF’s though!! I understand what you mean about book snobs, too. Since I like to think of myself as a genre vagabond – never really stopping to only read one genre – I’ve read a lot of romance (a lot) in my time and let me tell you, it’s one of my favorite genres. You don’t have read black women’s fiction like Terry McMillan in order to be smart or sophisticated (I’ve only read one book by her, it wasn’t to shabby). It’s sad that those people judged you about what you enjoy reading instead of just being happy they found someone who does – I’m still searching for one of them around my age. Ain’t no shame in the romance game, and I’m glad you didn’t take that to heart.

  3. Om my goodness! I love this post. I hate it when people look down on romance readers. I read romance novels and I’m proud of it!!! 😃😃😃

  4. Girrrrlllll, we were just having this chat last night on #rwchat

    My comment is this: Don’t let bitter Betties steal your joy. You can’t make me feel bad about what I love. Why? Because you’re opinion doesn’t matter.

    If you allow bullies to believe they have a say in your life, then they will harass you. But if you let folks know up front, “Don’t come for me unless I send for you,” they will keep it moving.

  5. It’s pretty much the same response I get when I tell people I write erotica/erotic romance, and I like to read gay romance. The eye rolls. The judgment.

    Ain’t nobody got time for that. I enjoy specific romance genres, and I have specific tastes when it comes to fine literature too. People need to quit. One genre of books is not better than another. As long as folks are reading, that’s what matters.

    If folks dabbled in a variety of genres, they’d be surprised by all the stuff they’ve been missing out on. That’s the best part of reading, new discoveries!

  6. I ain’t gonna lie, I used to be a book snob. There was a point I didn’t connect to romance, but that’s because I thought it was just for white people 😛 Then i discovered a few folks that rung me in and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’m a huge YA lover and I still get the occasional—But you’re too old for YA. I feel like a good book is a good book regardless of market audience!

  7. My first book I every took an interest in . When I was 12. Many many moons ago lol. Was a YA romance novel. And I never turn back since. The only thing that has change is the different genre in the romance category. I’m an avid romance reader. And I can give two hoots of what anyone thinks about it. 🙂

  8. Romance. I read it. I write. I love it. End of story. Oh, and I listen rock and 80’s new wave music. Now what?! I’m living for the Lort! The haters can stay in their desert full of small minds and keep on being thirsty. In the meantime, I will stay hydrated by not judging others, finish writing my romance novel, and reading as many romance as I possibly can.

  9. I love reading period! Also I read romance novels. Right now I’m reading vintage Anne Hampson, and love the words this author used to describe persons, and places. Also fun of YA novels.

  10. I agree that book snobbery is shit and no one should be shamed for what they read but people look down on this genre so much because they only see it as a “1985 Silhouette Romance paperback with the glossy white covers and painted portraits”. For practically anyone who doesn’t read romance the entire genre can be simplified as one of those cheap ass $4.99 Harlequin romance novels you find at the check out section of the grocery store. People don’t look at romance as a genre that carries any real weight or substance the way other genres do they just see it as a line of books with some generic ass plot line that exists for the sole purpose of pandering to and titillating its readers. And tbqh it can be hard for me to completely drop that mentality myself when the selling point for a lot of novels I see on the Kindle store for example is that it contains a ton of sex and a HEA. Which of course I know is not always the case but I see it more often that not. As much as I love romance and as enjoyable it can be I realize that it doesn’t have the best reputation in the world. Anyway I know this may not have been the most uplifting comment but its been something I’ve been thinking about as a romance reader myself.

  11. Those book snobs can miss me with that BULLSHHHHH! I feel like they don’t even enjoy most of what they are reading, it’s just to say, “oh I read such and such 500 page tome” to sound smart or in the know. They can kiss it!

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