New Release: Distracting Ace by Caroline Bell Foster

Distracting Ace - Book Cover

I don’t connect with many international authors, but I love Caroline Bell Foster’s spirit. She’s a genuinely nice person ( I won’t taint her, promise 😛 ), and she just released a new book!

Distracting Ace - pre-order


A kiss. A promise. A mistake.

Hollywood stuntman Ace had life changing decisions to make and time was running out. Bleakly, he saw a future of always being different, that was, until he met British beauty Nina Mae. Her enthusiasm for life was addictive.

Rich, party girl, Nina Mae was in love. But a demand to come home early and a simple mistake changed the course of both their lives.

Would she ever get back to America? Or were they destined to be two people who met and enjoyed one unbelievable weekend, tied by the repercussions of those hours. Or was she simply his distraction?

Ok, this is different ’cause being the Yank that I am, I expected Nina Mae to be the American (C’mon, her name is Nina Mae!) and Ace to be the Brit. But duh…I forgot that quickly who the author is!

I’ll be digging into this one on my 3-day weekend, and you should too. Distracting Ace is also available on Kindle Unlimited, but for ninety-nine pennies, click it up!

Caroline Bell Foster
 Diva Author of the Year
Bestselling and Award Winning Author



New Release: Anxious Love by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Anxious Love

I have owned Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s Hope series for an embarrassing two years and have yet to read it. But during one of my Amazon trolling sessions, I stumbled across this baby, and I read the synopsis, and was like, CLICK!

Leah Jones is a young woman who suffers from crippling anxiety that keeps her isolated, withdrawn, and living in a semi personal hell, and I can totes relate. She’s a successful romance novelist (I love when romance authors write about romance authors and reference their previous works within the story) who lives vicariously through her imagination until she meets Ryan Ware, rookie defensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints.

Ryan has been completely smitten with Leah since he first laid eyes on her, but how does he get her attention-and keep it, given her “issues.” Leah is feeling Ryan just as much, but unless you’ve lived with anxiety or experienced a traumatic event in your life, dealing with people, much less a romantic prospect, is an endeavor that requires lots of help-personal, professional, and sometimes, medicinal.

Anxious Love is a new adult romance set in the beauty city of Nawlins (excuse me, New Orleans). I just started reading this one, and it’s so…different. Not in a bad way, though! It’s rare that we get to see characters with serious vulnerabilities and who don’t have it “all together”. Check it out!


Monday Musings: Ok, So What Makes It “Women’s Fiction”?


Pardon my ignorance, but what is “Women’s fiction”? I mean, I have a general idea, but isn’t romance for the most part women’s fiction because the target audience is women? Or is it fiction written by women for women that doesn’t focus on romance?

The textbook definition:

The Romance Writers of America organization defines women’s fiction as, “a commercial novel about a woman on the brink of life change and personal growth. Her journey details emotional reflection and action that transforms her and her relationships with others, and includes a hopeful/upbeat ending with regard to her romantic relationship.”

Ok, that’s all well and good, but I’ve read a lot of damn romances that fit this description too. So basically, my theory is partially correct-the focus isn’t on the romantic/sexual nature of the narrative, but the “emotional journey” the heroine undergoes.

Truthfully, I look at this moniker two ways:

  1. It’s just another marketing ploy rooted in misogyny to alert certain readers that “Hey, bro, this is a chick novel so don’t even waste your time, dude.”
  2. It’s just another marketing ploy aimed at attracting more female readers. “Greetings, my sister. Do you enjoy a good read that speaks to the feelings and emotions and shit we women go through on the regular? Have a look-see…”

So, I typed in Men’s Fiction on Amazon just for the hell of it, and this is what popped up.

Side Eye Ewww



Sneaky Peeky: Complexity by Harper Miller

So, a week or two ago, I shared the cover for the upcoming M/M romance Complexity by author Harper Miller. Well, today, I have an exclusive sneak peek! Actually, this is Part II of a cool blog hop sorta thing. Part I can be found over at Romance Novels In Color. Peep the peek below:

Complexity Promo 2


Part 2

© Harper Miller 2016

 When It Hurts So Bad (cont.)

Here I am, trying to put myself into a box, and it pisses me off. Why does it have to be either-or? Why do I need to put a label on who I am? I know how I feel. I still enjoy women, but when I’m with him, I . . . I don’t want anyone else. No other women, no other men. Just him.

I crave him. Seeing him with Armand shouldn’t have rattled me, but it did.

It was a just another Wednesday on set. Those early starts made waking up a bitch. Filming wasn’t scheduled to begin until nine, but I wasn’t there for that anyway. I was hired to put the film’s star through hell. The good thing about a six a.m. private training session is that I could get my daily workout in and get paid for it. I beat my own ass that day in a grueling shoulder, chest, and ab workout, and still had time for a decent shower before I headed back to my studio and my other clients. I took my time getting changed, luxuriating in a trailer that was doper than most of the hotels I’d been in. My mini-vacation was over, so I headed to grab something from Craft Services before I made my way across town when I saw him hanging out with the crew laughing and shooting the shit. No biggie. He was a friendly guy, but what bothered me was the full-on flirt session he was having with the costume designer.

A frown formed on my face as I watched Armand sidle up and paw all over him and even go so far as to brush wet hair from his face. I wanted to slug the guy for touching what was mine, but that’s the thing: He wasn’t mine. I had no say in who flirted with him. I had no say in who touched him. I wanted to think it didn’t mean anything, since Armand had a hard-on for anything attractive with a cock, but seeing him get groped like that, even playfully, made me wanna deliver a beatdown. Weren’t there sexual harassment laws in place to prevent that type of shit? No part of costume designing was involved in what was happening.

I was almost willing to overlook it and quit being paranoid. But when our gazes met, it was like he was tryna make me jealous with this Armand shit. There were tons of people around—there’s always somebody lurking who makes it their business to be in everybody’s business—so it wasn’t like I was about to flirt and say some inappropriate shit around all those nosy motherfuckers. I knew better than to fraternize like that in public, but I wondered if he was testing me to see how I would react. Why bother tryna make me jealous? We were nothing to each other but distractions. Sexual distractions.

Right. This . . . whatever it is . . . ain’t nothin’ but a sexual distraction. Maybe if I say that shit enough, I might actually believe it.

So much has changed in six months. We’ve grown closer, more—I don’t know—intimate? Does that even make sense? And now . . . now, my feelings are coming to a head. Heh, head. What I wouldn’t give right now to feel his lips wrapped around my dick. I miss his mouth milking me dry, like my seed was some sort of prize and he was desperate to win top honors.

We both fooled ourselves into believing we could have sex and nothin’ but bomb-ass orgasms would come from it. “Fuck buddies” sounds like a cool arrangement, right? Wrong.

What makes this not just a friends-with-benefits deal is that neither of us ever addressed the 800-pound gorilla in the room: exclusivity. We never talked about it, never brought it up. Whenever one of us headed in that direction, the other found a detour.

He didn’t know it then, and probably doesn’t know it now, but I haven’t hooked up with anyone else since we started fucking. I mean, he might have figured that out. When I wasn’t working or spending time with friends and family, I was with him. There wasn’t time for me to fool around with other people even if I wanted to. But the thing is, I didn’t want to. I wanted to spend whatever free time I had with him. He never asked me outright if I was seeing anyone else, but I think he’d wanna know if I was, right? Well, my guess is he would wanna know. I dunno.

Whoo wee!


*Disclaimer* This is a novella. Not a short story, novelette, or novel. This tale features an M/M pairing. If gay erotica/erotic romance is not your cup of tea and you are offended by same-sex relationships or crass language, you should bypass this story. Content is intended for a mature audience, 18+.

Complexity is the fourth installment in The Kinky Connect Chronicles. The Kinky Connect Chronicles are short erotic stories/novelettes all wrapped up in neat little bows. These stories are standalones. No cliffhangers in the lot!

– Don’t forget to peep Part I at Romance Novels In Color!

And…Connect with author Harper Miller. She er’where in these social media skreets…


Throwback Thursday: Hideaway Legacy Series by Rochelle Alers

Throwback Thursday

I used to read the Harlequin romances back in the 80’s, and they were 99.5% white couples. There may have been the occasional mixed chick, but she was never a mixed black chick.

Flash forward to the late 90’s/early 00’s, and I discover that there are actual romances written by black women for black women that feature black couples! I lost my damn mind, and Rochelle Alers is partly to blame. Her Hideaway series was my life for the longest. I was so absorbed in that series, you couldn’t tell me nothing! She was the gateway for me in discovering other authors like Brenda Jackson who wrote about black love exclusively. Times have surely changed because you love who you love, but I’ll never forget where it all started for me.

Hideaway Series

There are a whopping thirteen books (and counting) in this series, and you can tell by the covers (many have been updated, some with interracial couples-Why, I don’t know because to the best of my knowledge, these were all black couples.) that these are vintage reads, lol.  The stories themselves are timeless, though. These are hardly hardcore erotic but sensuously sweet. My favorite, by far, is No Compromise which takes place in my hometown of Washington, DC.

Hideaway takes the reader all over the US and beyond. It was so refreshing to read about educated, successful, and accomplished black folk where the women were equal to their male counterparts. Sadly, I didn’t keep my paperbacks when those damn Kindles dropped. I’ll soon need to rebuild my entire collection and reread the stories because it’s been a good minute, but these are the perfect beach reads. Sadly, many of them are still not available on Kindle, but you can score the paperbacks for cheap on Amazon. This would make a great TV series. I’m just sayin…

New Release: The Pursuit Of Happiness by D.A. Young


Book Three in the Men of Whiskey Row series is finally here! If you have not yet read about the brothers Sullivan, then you are missing out! They are sexy, charming, funny, complex, and loyal. Book One, Sweet Obsession, introduced us to Jack Sullivan and his younger brothers Darby and Casey. I’ve always said that my heart is with Jack but my body is with Casey. Darby was always my least favorite, but not no mo’!

The Pursuit of Happiness is all about middle brother, redheaded, green-eyed Darby Sullivan and the love of his life, Avery Monroe, but there is also plenty of action from the supporting cast which is really what this series is all about. While the Sullivan brothers may be the focal point, their extended family is just as important and central to each story. From Whiskey Row (Tennessee) to DC to New York to everywhere in between, there is plenty of action and non-stop lovin!

In Sweet Obsession and New Beginnings, Darby always came off as the brash, man-whore clown of the three brothers, but he really comes into his own in The Pursuit of Happiness. Darby, on the surface, appears carefree and easygoing, and to an extent, he is. But he is also a complex man who still internalizes all of the hell that he and his brothers endured at the hands of their wicked, abusive father Patrick Sullivan. Avery is just the woman to help him overcome his demons, much like how Noelle (who is also Avery’s BFF) was Jack’s savior in Sweet Obsession.

There are so many twists and turns in this story, and what I love the most about it is we get to catch up with the entire family, immediate and extended. The foreshadowing is crazy bananas, and the dialogue, as always, is fresh and witty. The romance is fire, but expect nothing less from a couple who is in love, monogamous, and committed.

If you’re new to the “Row”, I highly recommend the entire series. While they don’t necessarily have to be read in order or together, you’d want to at some point. Each book picks up where the last one leaves off. The Pursuit of Happiness is available only on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Click it up!



Monday Musings: Yes, I Make Dates To Read


Reading for me is like preparing and eating a savory, home-cooked meal. Just like eating at Five Guys for lunch, the Kindle app on my cell phone is my reading takeout. But when I have the time (and the desire), I make a date with reading.

So, what the heck does that mean? That means I set the mood just as I would if me and bae were having an intimate evening at home. It’s all about comfort and ambiance. My reading date go-tos:

Reading Mood Board

  1. A good book is a must!  If the book ain’t worth reading, then everything else is a waste of time and effort.
  2. A comfortable spot. I wish I had that giant bird’s nest with the fluffy “egg” pillows. I would never leave. Most of my reading is done in bed. It is a date after all (snort.)
  3. A cup of green or herbal tea. I’m a snooty fox, so I need a hot beverage with no caffeine or alcohol.
  4. A cupcake. Or a slice of pie. Or a piece of chocolate. That’s what the tea is for truthfully-to wash down my snack LMAO! I cannot read without some nosh.

I almost always fall asleep while I’m reading. It’s very rare that I don’t wake up with my Kindle on the floor and the battery half-dead. Now, if only I can stop creeping on Facebook or the web while I’m reading, maybe I’ll get more than a handful of chapters read.

Do you have any reading rituals, or is it just whatever, man?

Book Recommendation: Revelation by M.T. Haarte


Wow! Wow! Wow! I am no paranormal/shifter fan at all, but this Revelation was off the chain! A real page-turner full of whodunits and oh-hell-nahs! I was truthfully expecting a little more romance, but I didn’t miss it at all.

I love how  have all the different species of creatures come together to co-exist and the whole change of the guard every thousand years. As I was reading, I couldn’t help but think of the movie series Underworld, except Alexis is the alpha queen of the werewolves, and she’s poised to rule the “Dark Court”, except this heffa named Samira, who’s a vampire, ain’t ready to relinquish the throne, ol biotch. What ensues is a tug of wills and ultimately, war, as lines are drawn and sides are taken.

I personally look forward to reading the rest of the series because it’s highly entertaining, hilarious at times, and full of mystery and intrigue. There are plenty of twists and turns, and oh yeah, it ends on a cliffie. But no biggie. It’s still worth the read. Click it up!

New Release: Because My Heart Said So


Can friends become lovers? In short, yeah, but at what cost?

Because My Heart Said So

This anthology answers the question and more by giving you four, very different, very unique stories with one universal outcome: Yes, your friend can become your man-or your woman…

Book One: Acceptable Losses by Nia Forrester

Quentin and Lena are both attorneys, working in DC (my hometown!). Quentin is a rising star at their firm, while Lena is slowly making her mark, under Q’s tutelage. Now you know when you work in close proximity with someone who is intelligent and fine, you are bound to catch feelings. Except there’s one catch. Or two: Q thinks Lena would be better off with his brother, and he’s not exactly in the position to pursue a relationship. And that’s all I’ma say about that…

Book Two: Blind Expectations by Jacinta Howard

This is a new adult story. Leah (not to be confused with Lena) keeps picking these losers, and Trevor is tired of cleaning up her mess after the shit goes down. Why can’t she see that she has a good dude living literally a hop, skip, and a jump away? We’re blind like that sometimes. Or maybe she’s afraid of messing up the one, good thing in her life. Look, we all got issues, but if Leah don’t stop playing games and get her man, somebody else will…

Book Three: Blackbirds by Lily Java

A chance reunion on the subway brings back a ton of memories, both good and painful. This one is a reflective and prophetic tale of Sydney and Elliot who start as friends, become lovers then all hell breaks loose! Can friends who become lovers become friends then lovers a second time? Only time, and perhaps the blackbirds, will tell…

Book Four: Blur by Rae Lamar

Jade breaks up with her cheatin-ass boyfriend and moves back home to lick her wounds and start anew. She reconnects with Kyle, her childhood BFF, and soon, sparks begin to fly. Or have they already been there, waiting for the fuse to be lit? Will these two give in to these newfound feelings, or will they keep jerking each other around in an effort to preserve their lifetime friendship?


So there you have it! Friends can become lovers. Because the heart said so…

Monday Musings: Yes, You Are On The Right Blog

Monday Musings II

When I started this blog back in July 2014 (seems like a decade ago for real), my sole purpose was to rep black woman romance-NO EXCEPTIONS.

Fast forward to June 2016. I still go hard for black woman romance. That will never change because we all know it’s hard out here to get black heroines represented on mainstream blogs.

Sometimes, though, my favorite authors write stories about characters who aren’t black women. Or even women. And I’ve demonstrated that over the last few posts. I’m a very loyal reader, and if you’ve given me beautiful love stories about beautiful black women, and you’ve written something different that isn’t a black woman romance, then yeah, I’ma stan for you still. It’s hard out here for a black author, especially an indie author, to get exposure, regardless of what they write-period.

One of my faves posted on Facebook the other day that she would appreciate some shares on her upcoming release. I told her “No prob. I gotchu.” She came back with “But it’s not IR…” She obviously hasn’t visited the blog in a long while, lol, but I forgive her😩. Truthfully, I was a lil hurt because she assumed I wouldn’t show her any love (Okay, maybe a year ago I would’ve told her girl, bye…)

So, if you happen to stop by one day and ask yourself:

Where are the black people

I just flipped the script a lil bit, but the core of what this blog about will never change. That is all…