New Feature: Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday

Every other Thursday, I’m going to spotlight an oldie but goodie in the world of romance. My only rule is the book must be at least five years old. So, with that being said, my first throwback happens to also be the first interracial romance I ever read, and it is one of my absolute favorites! Behold:

Once In A Blue Moon

Once In A Blue Moon by Dorianne Cole is the story of a young woman named Denise who’s a bit of a quiet introvert and lives in the shadows of her older siblings who are married and successful. At work, Denise meets this white dude named Ian, and homeboy is spa-rung! See, the only problem is, Denise don’t do white boys because it was ingrained in her that she stick to her own kind. That didn’t deter Ian from pursuing Denise, but Denise wasn’t having it, even though she was feeling Ian on the low…

This isn’t a mushy-gushy romance. This was some deep shit that realistically portrayed the obstacles an interracial couple endures when one side is so vehemently opposed to the union. Ian, with his genuinely sweet self, eventually breaks down Denise’s walls, and she agrees to see him-secretly. He initially takes her anyway he can get her, but eventually, he feels like her dirty secret and that causes a huge rift in their relationship.

You know I wouldn’t recommend this if there wasn’t an HEA, but I’m like damn, son I don’t need all this angst!!! This is a sensual romance, meaning don’t expect any explicit love scenes. Also, the book is not available on Kindle (boooo), but if you can get it in paperback, it’s definitely worth the read. Til next time…


7 thoughts on “New Feature: Throwback Thursday

  1. Love your blog and your writing style!!
    I am always looking to discover new authors and this is a great forum.

  2. Definitely a classic. I still have that book on my bookshelf. That was back in days when I first discovered interracial romances.

    1. You know, I got this one way back in the day when I joined that black book club (Can’t think of the name) where you order 10 books for a dollar then buy like three at regular price over the next time year. I wish I kept it…

      1. Black Expression was the book club. I believe they are no longer in business. I work for Borders bookstore part-time on weekends, and I would order their novels. The thirty-three percent discount was very nice.

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