Monday Musings: Yes, You Are On The Right Blog

Monday Musings II

When I started this blog back in July 2014 (seems like a decade ago for real), my sole purpose was to rep black woman romance-NO EXCEPTIONS.

Fast forward to June 2016. I still go hard for black woman romance. That will never change because we all know it’s hard out here to get black heroines represented on mainstream blogs.

Sometimes, though, my favorite authors write stories about characters who aren’t black women. Or even women. And I’ve demonstrated that over the last few posts. I’m a very loyal reader, and if you’ve given me beautiful love stories about beautiful black women, and you’ve written something different that isn’t a black woman romance, then yeah, I’ma stan for you still. It’s hard out here for a black author, especially an indie author, to get exposure, regardless of what they write-period.

One of my faves posted on Facebook the other day that she would appreciate some shares on her upcoming release. I told her “No prob. I gotchu.” She came back with “But it’s not IR…” She obviously hasn’t visited the blog in a long while, lol, but I forgive her😩. Truthfully, I was a lil hurt because she assumed I wouldn’t show her any love (Okay, maybe a year ago I would’ve told her girl, bye…)

So, if you happen to stop by one day and ask yourself:

Where are the black people

I just flipped the script a lil bit, but the core of what this blog about will never change. That is all…


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Yes, You Are On The Right Blog

  1. BOOM! One blog, one post, and you’ve proven that if you step out of your comfort zone, you won’t get hit by a bus…you’ll just increase the size of your zone! 😉

  2. Go for it. I have considered starting a blog and I would definitely discuss some books that didn’t feature an African American hero or heroine.

  3. It must be the California girl in me! Or maybe just naivete, because this is something I never think about. Good writing is good writing. Good music is good music. Good art is good art. It’s great that your blog is a safe place for black female romance authors who want to grow and not be trapped in a box.

    A fellow black romance author gave me some insight recently into the brutality some reviewers and fans express towards IR authors. And I gotta tell you as I get closer to publishing my first IR novel, I’m a little “scurred”…

    1. Be very afraid lolol… Just kidding. There are a few overzealous fans as there are in every genre so don’t let them shake you. And I agree that good is good, but not all good is created equal, hence why I started this blog. I just had to make my position known upfront. I’ve already had a few out of pocket comments because I featured an IR genre that readers feel some type of way about. Can’t win, so you might as well do you anyway

  4. You have to read what you like/love enjoy whatever. I think when you try to force yourself to do what your no longer feeling when it comes to blogging that’s when you get over it real fast.

    1. True. I still don’t venture too far outside of BW romance. But I know my faves don’t always write BW romance but I still want to show them love.

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