Monday Musings: Yes, I Make Dates To Read


Reading for me is like preparing and eating a savory, home-cooked meal. Just like eating at Five Guys for lunch, the Kindle app on my cell phone is my reading takeout. But when I have the time (and the desire), I make a date with reading.

So, what the heck does that mean? That means I set the mood just as I would if me and bae were having an intimate evening at home. It’s all about comfort and ambiance. My reading date go-tos:

Reading Mood Board

  1. A good book is a must!Β  If the book ain’t worth reading, then everything else is a waste of time and effort.
  2. A comfortable spot. I wish I had that giant bird’s nest with the fluffy “egg” pillows. I would never leave. Most of my reading is done in bed. It is a date after all (snort.)
  3. A cup of green or herbal tea. I’m a snooty fox, so I need a hot beverage with no caffeine or alcohol.
  4. A cupcake. Or a slice of pie. Or a piece of chocolate. That’s what the tea is for truthfully-to wash down my snack LMAO! I cannot read without some nosh.

I almost always fall asleep while I’m reading. It’s very rare that I don’t wake up with my Kindle on the floor and the battery half-dead. Now, if only I can stop creeping on Facebook or the web while I’m reading, maybe I’ll get more than a handful of chapters read.

Do you have any reading rituals, or is it just whatever, man?


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Yes, I Make Dates To Read

  1. I need a glass of iced tea, a snack usually chips or cheese and crackers and my big fluffy recliner. I also read in bed and like you wake up with my Kindle on the floor or on top of my husband’s head, which pisses him off so much. LOL.

  2. I read in bed at night, but during the day (and some late nights) I prefer my overstuffed chair and ottoman in the family room, with the air on or a fan (and I have done both). Coffee or wine are my go-to beverages, AND…I have to put the mister on notice that it’s MY time to read, because this will be the exact moment he’ll want to discuss something like getting a new grill or removing the tree in the corner of the backyard. Happens. Every. Time. πŸ˜’

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