New Release: The Pursuit Of Happiness by D.A. Young


Book Three in the Men of Whiskey Row series is finally here! If you have not yet read about the brothers Sullivan, then you are missing out! They are sexy, charming, funny, complex, and loyal. Book One, Sweet Obsession, introduced us to Jack Sullivan and his younger brothers Darby and Casey. I’ve always said that my heart is with Jack but my body is with Casey. Darby was always my least favorite, but not no mo’!

The Pursuit of Happiness is all about middle brother, redheaded, green-eyed Darby Sullivan and the love of his life, Avery Monroe, but there is also plenty of action from the supporting cast which is really what this series is all about. While the Sullivan brothers may be the focal point, their extended family is just as important and central to each story. From Whiskey Row (Tennessee) to DC to New York to everywhere in between, there is plenty of action and non-stop lovin!

In Sweet Obsession and New Beginnings, Darby always came off as the brash, man-whore clown of the three brothers, but he really comes into his own in The Pursuit of Happiness. Darby, on the surface, appears carefree and easygoing, and to an extent, he is. But he is also a complex man who still internalizes all of the hell that he and his brothers endured at the hands of their wicked, abusive father Patrick Sullivan. Avery is just the woman to help him overcome his demons, much like how Noelle (who is also Avery’s BFF) was Jack’s savior in Sweet Obsession.

There are so many twists and turns in this story, and what I love the most about it is we get to catch up with the entire family, immediate and extended. The foreshadowing is crazy bananas, and the dialogue, as always, is fresh and witty. The romance is fire, but expect nothing less from a couple who is in love, monogamous, and committed.

If you’re new to the “Row”, I highly recommend the entire series. While they don’t necessarily have to be read in order or together, you’d want to at some point. Each book picks up where the last one leaves off. The Pursuit of Happiness is available only on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Click it up!




3 thoughts on “New Release: The Pursuit Of Happiness by D.A. Young

  1. Thank you for posting this. I am new to The Row but am completely hooked. I cannot wait for Casey and Ms. Audra’s story. I am too mad at her right now but I get it. The characters in each book are so full and developed you can’t help but get wrapped up. All I can say is…loves it! All! Can’t wait for more.

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