New Release: Anxious Love by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

Anxious Love

I have owned Sydney Aaliyah Michelle’s Hope series for an embarrassing two years and have yet to read it. But during one of my Amazon trolling sessions, I stumbled across this baby, and I read the synopsis, and was like, CLICK!

Leah Jones is a young woman who suffers from crippling anxiety that keeps her isolated, withdrawn, and living in a semi personal hell, and I can totes relate. She’s a successful romance novelist (I love when romance authors write about romance authors and reference their previous works within the story) who lives vicariously through her imagination until she meets Ryan Ware, rookie defensive lineman for the New Orleans Saints.

Ryan has been completely smitten with Leah since he first laid eyes on her, but how does he get her attention-and keep it, given her “issues.” Leah is feeling Ryan just as much, but unless you’ve lived with anxiety or experienced a traumatic event in your life, dealing with people, much less a romantic prospect, is an endeavor that requires lots of help-personal, professional, and sometimes, medicinal.

Anxious Love is a new adult romance set in the beauty city of Nawlins (excuse me, New Orleans). I just started reading this one, and it’s so…different. Not in a bad way, though! It’s rare that we get to see characters with serious vulnerabilities and who don’t have it “all together”. Check it out!



2 thoughts on “New Release: Anxious Love by Sydney Aaliyah Michelle

  1. Thank you for your post on leaving a review. I am guilty as charged. There are a few, well a touch more than a few who make it difficult for others. By this I mean spelling, typo’s editing is not being used to all authors. My major problem is that the story line as well as character development is on point. I promise to do better because I love IR Romance.

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