New Release: Distracting Ace by Caroline Bell Foster

Distracting Ace - Book Cover

I don’t connect with many international authors, but I love Caroline Bell Foster’s spirit. She’s a genuinely nice person ( I won’t taint her, promise 😛 ), and she just released a new book!

Distracting Ace - pre-order


A kiss. A promise. A mistake.

Hollywood stuntman Ace had life changing decisions to make and time was running out. Bleakly, he saw a future of always being different, that was, until he met British beauty Nina Mae. Her enthusiasm for life was addictive.

Rich, party girl, Nina Mae was in love. But a demand to come home early and a simple mistake changed the course of both their lives.

Would she ever get back to America? Or were they destined to be two people who met and enjoyed one unbelievable weekend, tied by the repercussions of those hours. Or was she simply his distraction?

Ok, this is different ’cause being the Yank that I am, I expected Nina Mae to be the American (C’mon, her name is Nina Mae!) and Ace to be the Brit. But duh…I forgot that quickly who the author is!

I’ll be digging into this one on my 3-day weekend, and you should too. Distracting Ace is also available on Kindle Unlimited, but for ninety-nine pennies, click it up!

Caroline Bell Foster
 Diva Author of the Year
Bestselling and Award Winning Author



4 thoughts on “New Release: Distracting Ace by Caroline Bell Foster

  1. Now you’re making me blush ladies 😉 Thank you so much. Distracting Ace was an absolute pleasure to write, and Ace…well…put it like this, I can’t let him go just yet and I’ve written him into another storyline. x

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