In My Library: Sticky Moon by Lily Java

Sticky Moon

I think “library” is a much better way of saying “TBR”. Yes, I will stick with library. I met Lily Java in the Facebook streets, and I liked her spirit and sense of elusiveness which makes me all the more curious about who she is as writer. I read her story Blackbirds in the anthology Because My Heart Said So, and it left me thinking about it long after I’d finished.

The story was allegorical in a sense, filled with all kinds of hidden meanings (at least that’s what I took away from it). Needless to say, I quite enjoyed it, and it made me want to read more. So, I went trolling and scooped up Sticky Moon!

While I haven’t read it yet (It’s long, and I need at least two days of uninterrupted solitude), the blurb got me. It’s a crime story, mystery, and romance all rolled into one.

Someone very close to Myra Lambert has been brutally murdered. It’s commonly believed that her longtime stalker is the person responsible. Troubled ex-cop Glenn Sparrow was hired to play bodyguard for the vulnerable real estate heiress, while his best friend NYC Homicide Detective Lt. Max Harper solves the case.

After a foiled abduction, Glenn and Myra retreat to the Catskills and the Lambert family farm, where they hope she’ll be safer and harder to find. In this remote, secluded refuge time seems to stop for Myra and Glenn, offering them an open window into each others world. What they find may be what they both have been searching for, but with a killer on the loose and Myra his possible prey, time may also run out. Are there limits to the lasting happiness a couple under siege might find with each other?

Okay, real talk: The blurb got me interested, but it was this tasty teaser that actually got me to buy the damn book! Lawd…


For the curious, this is a multicultural romance featuring a black woman and a biracial (black/Filipino) man (pro tip: Google Will Demps…swoons)