Throwback Thursday: The Question by Zena Wynn

Throwback Thursday


This week’s throwback features one of my all-time favorite romances. This was the first story I ever read that featured a black woman and a south Asian and Muslim knight-in-shining armor, and the name of the book is called The Question by Zena Wynn.


This book got more drama than an entire year of Y&R! I have probably read this story about, oh, a hundred times (not even exaggerating a little bit), and I never get tired of it! Let me give you the scoop. Follow as I go along as I refer to these characters from the book cover.

  • Crystal (the blonde chick) and Gail (preggo in the upper right) are BFFs. After many failed pregnancies, Crystal is desperate for a child, but her husband Rashid (honey dip in the upper left) ain’t having it. Not only is he tired of trying, but he can’t take much more of Crystal’s heartbreak and depression after each miscarriage. With their marriage hanging by a thin thread, Crystal has an idea: Let’s ask Gail to be our surrogate. Chile…
  • Gail is still grieving the loss of her husband and young son in a car accident, and she ain’t tryna hear about having no more babies, let alone a baby for her best friend and her husband. But being the master manipulator that Crystal is, Gail caves. She is artificially inseminated with Rashid’s sperm, and we have a pregnancy.
  • Ok, so who is dude in the lower left corner? That’s Greg, Gail’s new man. They’re just starting their romance, and a baby, regardless of the circumstances, was never supposed to be a part of the equation. According to Gail, she’s gonna have the baby, turn it over to the Al Jabbars and move on with her life. Yeah, right…

That’s all I’ma give you because you know it ain’t this cut and dry. This story is sooooo good, I’m telling you. I hated Rashid’s guts in the beginning with his arrogant ass, but by the middle of the story, I was like Wooo….saaaaa…All I’ma say is he puts it down-in more ways than one.

dick had me like

The Question was currently only available in paperback (but is now available on Kindle) and is worth every penny. I think I’m overdue for a re-read ’cause this post got me feenin…



5 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: The Question by Zena Wynn

  1. Dang it! Now you know I gotta go find and order this book, right? ‘Cuz your recommendations are always on point, and I simply do not own enough books. *Side-eye*

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