Monday Musings: HEA Or Bust!


So, I was talking with an author friend, and she told me she’s working on a novella of a new couple she’d introduced in one of her earlier stories, and she told me, “This is going to be a lighthearted, summer romance; however, the couple probably won’t end up to-



Internally, I’m thinking, “This heffa done lost her mind.” No ma’am. Now you don’t wanna end a fruitful friendship cause you can’t act right (snort.) Thankfully, I talked her off the ledge, and I know some of you are going to say I’m wrong for that, but I give nary a care. I 👏 do👏 not👏 read👏 romance👏 for👏 the👏 couple👏 not👏 to👏 end👏 up👏 together.

You wanna break the couple up? Write a murder mystery or sum’n, and do not label it romance! I don’t even care for HFN to be honest.

Yes, I’m one of “those”. How y’all feel about this? Do you need an HEA, or do you not care as long as the story’s good?



29 thoughts on “Monday Musings: HEA Or Bust!

  1. okay with the hand clapping, lols. I personally dont mind as long its stated ahead of time, Im good. Dont give me no surprise cliffhanger, cant stand them.

  2. I feel just like you. If I’m paying for it and it’s labeled a romance then that’s what I expect. I remember reading a story on the chamber about a girl and a boy being best friends . They went through a lot of rough patches and just when it seems as though they were finally going to be together she kills the girl. Needless to say I was pissed. Yea I didn’t have to pay to read it. But I still wasted my time reading a story with a non happy ending when I could’ve been reading something else. I say all that to for a reason. In my opinion I don’t think it’s fair to the buyer to pay for a book where the couple break up and go their separate ways, someone dies or they end up with other people. I didn’t pay to read that and if that’s what’s going to be written you can damn well expect that author not to get my money again. The great thing about reading is it takes you away to this fantasy land where good things happen. So let people have their fantasy for awhile.

  3. HEA isn’t a “must” in a romance book, but I always expect one. Because yeah, it’s a romance novel and readers want to see the couple they’ve been rooting for get together in the end. It’s the big reward for lovers of romance stories, no matter how cliche.

  4. I don’t know why people insist on calling these books “romance.” They’re not. They’ve always existed and have always been called “women’s fiction.” Nothing wrong with women’s fiction, but it’s not romance. There is no such thing as romance without a HEA, period. It’s like writing science fiction without any science, or a mystery without any mystery. If you don’t want a romance, fine, but stop mis-categorizing your books.

  5. If there is no HEA, you are not writing or reading a romance. It’s a women’s fiction, a litfic, a something but it is not a romance. Love Conquers All is the theme of every romance. If love does not conquer all, you’re NOT WRITING A ROMANCE!

    This genre rule is non-negotiable. We not sorry bout it neither!

  6. Oh please! The Romance genre is already getting ‘Romance-Lite!’ No HEA? Why would I want to read it then? Not a good look. 😒😒😒

    1. Lolol at Romance-Lite. While I don’t need a sappy story throughout, I do need for the couple to share some kind of romantic bond throughout with the all important HEA

  7. One of the characteristics of romance is that it has an HEA or HFN ending. If not, then it’s a story with romantic elements.

    I’ve never read any of Nicholas Sparks’s books, but I watched a movie that was based on one of them…and it was not romance – the hero died, but his heart was given to the heroine’s son or something like that. I was sooooo disappointed. I actually thought it was a romance movie I was going to watch. But, nope. Instead, it was a movie with some romantic elements.

    Nothing is wrong with a book like the one your friend was going to write about…It’s just that she’d have had to make sure to categorize it appropriately–not in any romance categories.

    Roxy Wilson

  8. I agree, hea or hfn are what ppm expect from romance. I also do think I’m in the minority of enjoying hfn over hea.

    I used to think marriage automatically equalled “happy” so I didn’t validate relationships that weren’t marriage. Then feminism…

    I think in books its supposed to be fantasy, so marriage does mean happy, but I’m 30, and just got out a five year relationship, and all I kept thinking was it would’ve been an economic decision for him, and I would’ve been furthest from the word, so my position on it changed.

    But it could be a generational thing too. My mom’s generation values things mine doesn’t. Mine values things hers doesn’t.

    I have a question Musing, does marriage and children equate to the things you mentioned?

    1. Whoa… You went deep on me, lolol. I hope things get better for you personally if not already.

      To answer your question, I don’t necessarily need marriage and/or babies for an HEA. The promise of those things are good enough for me, but I won’t lie, I love a sweet epilogue that shows the couple all married and boo’d up with a kid or two. It’s the icing on the cake.

  9. I at least need a HFN. I prefer HEA but I will let a HFN slide.

    Otherwise, it’s just a love story. Not that those are bad, but it’s not a romance without the happy.

  10. I hate that I didn’t catch this yesterday but I am sooo with you on this. I have seen those books out there and simply won’t waste my time. I get pissed when the cliffhanger is them breaking up. I get it, cliffhanger and all, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. HEA books are a welcome escape from the everyday real life we all go through. Who wants to read and have to go through that? Not me…

  11. That’s my problem with a lot of my fave authors. I know there’s another story but they take like a year or so to publish. I’ve just started to wait. If I see any indication of a cliffhanger, I just wait to read the whole thing when it’s all published. It’s too heart-wrenching. I’m all invested and you just pull the rug? Get my mouth all ready for some juice and it’s just a drip left? No ma’am, no gone be able to do it.

    1. Lmaoooo, I feel you. I love it when an author plans their sequels and follow ups in advance. I really love those dual releases. If I have to reread the first book because it’s been so long between follow-ups, then you’ve already lost me

      1. I can even deal with the ones that tell you, the few that do, that the sequel will be shortly coming after but a year? That’s just too much. One of my faves hasn’t published since November of last year and I’m mad as hell…lol. I’ve even reread some of my faves book just because of that. I’m pretty loyal but they be driving a sista away. HEAs make reading all the better. I know some of them can’t go on forever but you want to have something nice to end with.

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