Throwback Thursday: Ain’t No Sunshine by Leslie DuBois

Ain't No Sunshine

When I finished this book,  I could only think of one word to immediately summarize my thoughts: Bruh

Let me also say this: You will read this book and come away feeling one of three things:

  1. Loved it.
  2. Hated it.
  3. What the fuck did I just read???

Ain’t No Sunshine is set in 1960’s Virginia, and let me tell you: the title of the story lives up to its name. Stephen is raised in an abusive home, and his only hope for a happy life is his black neighbor Ruthie, whom he’s loved since he was a little boy. His racist, redneck, fucked up in the head daddy ain’t having it, though, and everything that happens in between til the very end is a virtual mindfuck. Yes, I’m spewing expletives because, dammit, this story got me still feeling some kind of way two years after reading it.

This book should have come with a slew of trigger warnings, and I feel like if I name them, then I will give away the entire plot. I’m not trying to conceal anything intentionally, but let’s just say, if you have no problems reading about abusive (in all forms) situations and forming your own opinions about what you’ve read, then I do recommend this story. There are mega plot twists throughout, and let’s just say that nothing is what it seems. Or is it?



6 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Ain’t No Sunshine by Leslie DuBois

  1. Oh I remember reading this! Girl, lol. Mindfuck describes it perfectly, I didn’t even know what to think after reading it.

  2. Hello Musings IRJ,
    I also read this novel, and I had the same what the hell moment. Thank you Dorian

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