Recommended Read: Leveling The Field by Megan Erickson


Happy Saturday!

Real talk: Whenever I read a romance featuring a black heroine and written by a non-black person, I brace myself because I never know what I’m going to get. Am I going to get a stereotype or a caricature of how this writer perceives black women or does this writer know a black woman intimately and asked questions because as much as we’re all the same, we’re also different in many, many ways, from our ideals, views on society, and our culture, of course. And I’m saying all this to say: Megan Erickson did the damn thang in Leveling The Field!

Lissa Kingsman is everything in a young black woman that I wish we all were: proud of who she was as a black woman, living carefree in the skin she was born in, turning her passions into her profession, and owning her sexuality to the fullest. And girlfriend carries an emergency headscarf in her bag, cause yeah, you gotta be prepared for unexpected overnight trips…Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t some preachy, this is how you should live your life narrative because it is far from that. But these are the things that I took away. I was just so overjoyed to read about this young woman. There wasn’t just telling but showing, and I was all kinds of


Now, let’s get on to the story, lolol…Yeah, this is an actual romance…

Ethan Talley is a sexy gamer turned hermit after a tragic accident left him physically and emotionally scarred. He blames himself for the death of his sister and has shut himself off physically and emotionally from the world-until he meets Lissa Kingsman. It wasn’t love at first sight, but lust at first sight, and the feeling was mutual. And BLAM! There was no buildup, they acted on it like any two consenting adults would, and I loved it! Now that’s the sweet part.

While Ethan and Lissa agree that their attraction is purely physical, you know you can’t connect with someone physically without at least one person catching feelings. Yup, feelings got caught, thrown back, and caught again. This story is a rollercoaster of emotions, and yes, there is an HEA. You know I don’t mess with no romantic story otherwise.


7 thoughts on “Recommended Read: Leveling The Field by Megan Erickson

  1. Interesting pick! I remember me and a few other ladies talking about this one on twitter because I was outraged by a review someone wrote about this one on Amazon. Apparently, the reader thought it was “too” diverse, ya know, because gay people can’t exist in a story with PoC without it seeming like it was too much. Pretty much had a long debate over it, but that made me want to read it then!

      1. Those surprise reads are the best reads sometimes! I was asked to review a historical romance by an author I wasn’t familiar with…and I loved it! Ditched the ARC and 1-clicked! 😄

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