Monday Musings: Hidden Gems Make The Best Reads

Monday Musings II

This week’s musing is inspired by actual comments on this post that  Felicia and I were having about reading a book in your library or wish list that you weren’t actually crazy or excited about, but you just took a chance, and…


Hidden gems, for me, are a rare phenomenon because I’m so damn picky and critical. There was a time when I was that carefree, whatever reader, but once you read a few books that are just so well-written and put together, your expectations change, and you tell yourself that you’re not going backward! I know that sounds a little (ok, may a lot elitist or whatever), but reading for me is an expensive habit for me. I spend in books in a month, the equivalent of filling my gas tank up, so yeah, I do kinda have a certain level of expectation, especially when the blurb gets me all hyped. My Kindle graveyard will prove it (Man, if I could get all that money back…)

I’ve been pretty lucky my last few book shopping trips. I’ve discovered some really good reads that I would classify as hidden gems. I’ve also bought a few cubic zirconias, and while they didn’t quite shine as brightly as the hidden gems, they did satisfy my immediate need to read something and entertained me.

If you’re so brave, list a hidden gem of yours in the comments. Genre is of no importance. I just wanna know what left you feeling like queen of the world because you enjoyed it that much..

ps-It’s August. WTF????


4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Hidden Gems Make The Best Reads

  1. “Letters to My Wife” by Terry Dean. Women’s Fiction written by a man and he nails it! The ‘ugly cryin’ 😭😭 was on the scene! It stays on my Kindle. 😊👍

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