New Release: Extraction by Xyla Turner


Title: Extraction

Author: Xyla Turner

Genre: Interracial Romance, (Ex)Military Romance, MC Romance

Standalone, No Cliffhanger


I love that Xyla Turner isn’t afraid to tackle subjects that we deal with in life, and Extraction is no exception. So often, a romance with romanticize and idealize the life of an ex-military person (and that’s cool, totes not knocking it), but more often than not, a man will come home broken, mentally and spiritually, and this is the story of Goliath (whoo…that name, lol) Minnows, an emotionally-wounded soldier who has to learn how to deal and feel again.


Emotionally wounded veteran, Goliath is on a quest to be alone and out of anyone’s business but his own. The problem is the small town he chooses has the potential to prevent that from happening. Who knew his downfall would lead to the carefree neighbor, Phoebe, interrupting his drowning flow in an attempt to rescue Goliath from himself. Despite being angry, Goliath is intrigued by this woman who has set her sights on helping him despite the numerous attempts to get rid of her. Neither knows the other’s secret….Will things change once they are revealed?


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