New Release: Perfectly Imperfect by D.A. Young

Casey 2

Have you met the men of Whiskey Row? No? Then you have a lot of catching up to do. For those who are familiar with the brothers Sullivan, the latest installment in this thrilling, soap opera-ish drama is available! I swear this series needs to be a weekly TV series-but on HBO or Starz ’cause I don’t want not watered down version of this saga.

Whiskey Row Header

Perfectly Imperfect features the Sullivan baby brother Casey and the one woman once hated to love but now cannot live without, Sidra Barton.

Perfectly Imperfect Teaser I


Handsome attorney Casey Sullivan is a catch, and everyone seems to know it except his beautiful, but slightly deranged girlfriend, deejay Sidra Barton! Just the slightest mention of ‘happily ever after’ has her ready to run out the door. Not that she’ll get far because Casey Sullivan always gets what he wants, and he wants Sidra Barton.

Casey is ready to go the distance for what his heart desires, but the finish line to Sidra’s heart will be an uphill journey. Together they will face their pain and fears to obtain the ultimate happiness. Unfortunately, not everyone believes they should be together and will challenge the love they’ve fought so hard to obtain. Guess they’ll just have to learn the hard way not to get between a Sullivan and his woman.

Perfectly Imperfect Teaser III

The entire series is available on Kindle Unlimited.


4 thoughts on “New Release: Perfectly Imperfect by D.A. Young

  1. Believe me I am telling everybody I know to read the series! D. A Young is in a class by herself, her writing is so engaging and the Sex is DAMN AMAZING! I am definitely a whiskey row addict n so obsessed with the stories I read them over again. D.A definitely got the gift. Impatiently waiting for the next one

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