Throwback Thursday: The President’s Girlfriend by Mallory Monroe

Throwback Thursday

One thing I’ve discovered about certain authors: You’re either a fan, or you’re not. There’s no in between, and Mallory Monroe is one of those authors.

The President's Girlfriend

Personally, I love Mallory Monroe because she writes these serial, nighttime drama-esque romances that are full of over-the-top action, hot sex, and whodunits. Without fail, you can count on these three things with every story in all of her series, and The President’s Girlfriend is the pilot that started the series.

So…The President’s Girlfriend. When the series starts, then senator, Walter “Dutch” Harbor meets attorney Regina Lansing a hotel lounge (I think. It’s been years since I read it, and I only remember the juicy stuff.) After some small talk and a drink or two, they hit the sheets with no real intention of really seeing each other, but they do leave a lasting impression.

Flash Forward: Dutch Harbor is now President Harbor and Regina Lansing is in private practice, and they meet by chance when she’s trying to get some legislation passed or something (Told y’all it’s been a minute…) Dutch is the debonair, charismatic, and very single POTUS (You know this some fiction) who is smitten (ok, pussy-whipped) by beautiful, black Gina (His mama and the rest of America are having a fit. LOVES IT!!!)


Now that you have the basics, the rest is just high-end drama! You know everybody and they mama is constantly trying to break them up on both sides. There are secret affairs, surprise children, and skeletons galore. The haters are in full force! If you can make it through the first book, this series will become quickly addictive. To date, there are eight books in total. The small fortune I paid, was definitely worth the price.


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