New Release: A Galaxy of Scars by Jorja Tabu


Okay, I love when authors reach out to me because before last week, I’ve never heard of author Jorja Tabu (No shade, just facts), and I run deep in these literary skreets (Obviously, not that deep.) This lady has written more than a dozen books. How is it I’ve never heard of her?!

Well, allow me to formally introduce you to Jorja Tabu, “Raunchy heretic and writer that dabbles in anything sultry, shiny, sexy, sin-bent or soulful.” Jorja’s latest book, A Galaxy of Scars (which I initially read as A Galaxy of Stars…) is now available on Amazon. Check it out:


Imani Cartwright left the rough world of her childhood in Virginia almost a decade ago. Among the broken pieces she abandoned were her best friend, Monica, and the ruined young man that swore he would love her forever, Roman O’Malley. Her brother, Tyreke, a passionate advocate who turns to the UFC to save their neighborhood, can’t forgive her for leaving.

She hasn’t spoken to anyone back home but her mother for over a year when the phone finally rings, and suddenly the rift between the past and her new life has grown too wide for anyone to cross… But Death.

When her brother is murdered Imani has no one but old friends and enemies to turn to. Did Roman O’Malley, UFC Prize-Fighter and her brother’s former best friend, kill Tyreke? What happened to Monica, the sweet young girl who was Imani’s best friend? And if they’re innocent, then who killed Ty?

A Galaxy of Scars spans a decade, an epic love, and contains rough language and adult sexuality and situations. It is meant for mature audiences.

Genre: literary fiction, interracial/multicultural romance featuring BWWM pairing, suspense
Length: 123,533 words


I don’t know about y’all, but this ones definitely been added to my TBR. She had me at UFC fighter!

Get to know author Jorga Tabu by connecting with her on social media:






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