New Release: Second Chances by D.A. Young


SECOND CHANCES is the first story in the new novella series CIRCLE OF FRIENDS. Each novella will feature a couple from the “Kismet Cove Six”, a group of tight-knit friends from high-school who’ve forged a lifetime friendship amid love, heartbreak, and secrets.


What would you do if you were given a second chance at love?
Do you throw caution to the wind and follow your heart, or do you build an unbreakable fortress around your heart that only a special kind of man can penetrate?

Heartbroken over a devastating loss, Ella is fairly certain that personal happiness just isn’t in her future. Everything changes when she meets Wyatt, a sexy beer crafter, who against her will, shakes her out of her stagnant existence and awakens feelings in her that she thought were long dead and it scares the hell out of her.

Wyatt has been smitten with Ella since he first laid eyes on her. Everything about the aloof beauty captivates him and obsessed with the painful secrets her eyes hold, he becomes a man with a mission: To make Ella Kemp his.

They first made their appearance in the Whiskey Row series, but in Second Chances, we get to know Wyatt and Ella up close and personally from their pasts, their secrets, and the future together.



New Release: Secret Places Revealed by Paulette Harper

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Please join author Paulette Harper as she tours the blogosphere with Write Now Literary Book Tours and her new release Secret Places Revealed, on September 27, 2016.

Publication Date: September 16, 2016
Paperback: 342 pages
Genre: Inspirational Romance

ISBN-10: 0989969150
ISBN-13: 978-0989969154


In celebration of Paulette’s upcoming release, Secret Places Revealed, she’s giving away one (1) autographed copy of Secret Places Revealed.

This contest is open for US only through October, 7, 2016

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A broken man, a woman on the run, a love that won’t be denied.

Single—and very content—real estate developer Aaron Blackman is determined not to become involved in another relationship. He’s experienced enough drama to last a lifetime. The only thing garnering his attention now is his growing business. And he plans to keep it that way. Then Simone Herron waltzes into his life, beautiful and confident. Fighting to keep his promise to himself—to remain single—he soon discovers that when it comes to love, some promises must be broken.

After losing her fiancé in an untimely death, Simone Herron relocates. She desperately needs to put the past behind her and start a new chapter in her life. While love is the farthest thing from her mind, she experiences an attraction to the handsome Aaron Blackman that frightens her. She’s built a wall around her heart, but can she find the strength and courage she needs to welcome love again? To do so, she must conquer her fears and allow God to put all of her broken pieces back together.

In addition to being an award winning author of Completely Whole, Paulette is an inspirational speaker, as well as a writing workshop instructor. She has a passion to coach aspiring authors and speaks into the lives of women from every walk of life. Her literary works have been spotlighted in a growing number of publications, including CBN, Real Life Real Faith Magazine, and Black Pearls Magazine. She has also appeared on numerous local and online radio shows.

Paulette resides in Northern California.

In celebration of Paulette’s upcoming release, Secret Places Revealed, she’s giving away one (1) autographed copy of Secret Places Revealed.

This contest is open for US only through October, 7, 2016

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Monday Musings: When An Author “Strays”


This season of releases promises to be lit! I don’t know what’s in the author drinking water, but there seems to be a shift in the tide, and I’m so ready to ride the wave. Okay, enough of the metaphoric mumbo-jumbo. What the hell am I talking about exactly? I’m referring to when authors think and write outside their proverbial box.

Erotica authors are writing new adult or clean romances. New adult authors are writing “dark” romances. AA authors are writing IR romances. IR authors are writing “mainstream” romances. Christian romance authors are including “0_0” love scenes in their stories (How you think most of us got here?)


It’s a wonderful time to be a reader. But what if you don’t want your fave to go off the beaten path? Do you feel a sense of betrayal when they write something different, especially when it may be a genre or subject matter you aren’t feeling too tough? I’ll be the first to admit, that yeah, I feel some type of way when an author I love writes mainstream (aka white-on-white) romance. But in the end, it ain’t about me. Or you. It’s about the story that is compelling the author to write, and what that looks like may not be for you.

Hold Up

One thing I’ve learned from working closely with authors is that they have these creative minds that are literally exploding with stories, and ideas, and concepts that have to be told. Sometimes, I don’t get it, but I do get it. Writers are so precious and so special, and I think we take them for granted sometimes because they are so dear to us and we hold them to these often unrealistic expectations.

In actuality, this is a public note to self. While I look forward to many of these “alt” releases, I have to also remind myself not to hold it against the author if it’s something I ain’t down with. Repeat after me: EVERYTHING AIN’T FOR EVERYBODY. So please don’t let this sour you on an author. If it’s something you know you aren’t interested in, keep scrolling. Or better yet, consider giving it a chance, especially if the author is a fave. You just may be surprised.

Anyone who knows me knows I only read BW romance, but a fave off mine wrote a WWBM romance and I literally hooted and hollered. I gave it a chance, though. And I loved it! Just don’t let one or two books an author’s written that you don’t particularly care for be your sole reason to stop supporting them altogether.



Weekend Wrap-Up: New Releases

new releases!

New releases are like Lays chips. You can never pick just one. Let’s see what’s waiting for your 1-click finger this week.

Click the pic to be taken to the buy link. Add to your TBR today. Better yet, click em up!

Ok, but her nails...
Ok, but her nails…


Ok, I love how a group of strategically placed photos create one photo. So unique!
Well, this cover has me intrigued. I’m definitely #teambeardgang!

Ok, I don’t feature enough paranormal on this blog, and her eyes immediately struck me. Not to mention, the title…

Debut romance available on Kindle Unlimited. I love giving newbs a lil shine, so keep this one on your radar.
Debut romance available on Kindle Unlimited. I love giving newbs a lil shine, so keep this one on your radar.



Ready. Set. Author Go!


Say What??? What the heck is AuthorGo?

AuthorGo is the first-ever online community which plugs readers into today’s most popular authors and their books.  Launched on August 15th, .AuthorGo is open to book lovers who want to discover new authors while keeping up with their favorites.

By joining AuthorGo, readers will have the ability to plug into their twenty-five participating authors with this fun yet convenient they keep up to date with their favorite author, their new releases, and giveaways that can easily be managed in addition to having fun earning points and badges, which can be redeemed for free swag, reader experiences, and books.

To become a member of AuthorGo, visit, create a user profile, and login. Readers can then select a quest, starting with the Social Butterfly. Each hunt is comprised of several author-centric tasks to be completed to earn points/badges before advancing to the next level.

Besides bragging rights for being a badass reader, members can collect enough points that can be redeemed for member-only goodies. Also, each month, participating authors will randomly award a grand prize to a lucky reader selected from the AuthorGo membership.

Check out some of the authors participating in AuthorGo, here and here, then go check it out!

Monday Musings: Let’s Talk Author/Reader/Blogger Etiquette


I think it can serve as a friendly reminder or a lesson to everyone. And heads up: This is a long post (Not sorry…)


In my experience, I’ve encountered four types of authors:

  1. The veteran author who publishes a novel and does a series of blasts on their personal social media and/or through an organized blog tour.
  2. The veteran author who publishes with little or no fanfare and just let it do what it do.
  3. The newbie author who publishes their debut with little or no fanfare and hopes for the best.
  4. The newbie or veteran author who publishes their book and seeks out readers and bloggers EVERYWHERE to friend, follow, and ultimately SPAM them with buy links or requests for reviews.

Lemme say for the record: #4 ain’t cool! At all. And I’ve been dealing with a lot of #4s lately. And just…


I understand being ambitious and overzealous, and I applaud your hustle. But the issue I have is your methods. I have no other way to put it delicately, other than to say that it’s just rude. So, I have a few suggestions:

  1. Do not send a friend request on Facebook if you have no genuine interest in personally socializing on occasion and your only motivation is to “build your reader list” so that you can get views and engagement on your marketing posts. As much as many authors dislike them, that’s what an author page is for. I’ve even seen authors share their posts from their author pages on their personal timelines, and I’m cool with that because it’s giving me a choice of whether I want to engage in that post or not.
  2. Do not use a person’s friend list to seek out potential readers and send them friend requests. The only way I would personally be cool with this is if you and I engage on a mutual friend’s post and we hit it off, and you send me a friend request. I’ve had that happen many times, and it was all good.
  3. Do not post buy links on a person’s timeline directly after they’ve accepted your friend request or followed you back. I will unfriend or unfollow you immediately. The same goes for those auto DMs on Twitter thanking a person for the follow and please buy my book…
  4. Do not email a blogger with a spotlight, tour, or review request and include buy and social media links, along with a copy of your book (You trust me like that?) without making proper introductions first. I can’t tell you how many of these I’ve sent straight to the spam pile. I’m not saying I need your life story, but a simple Good Day, I’m Annie Author, and I write so and so and would like to request a ______ is more than sufficient. Not, I’m requesting a spotlight or review of my book. Here is a copy. Look forward to hearing from you. This really happens!
  5. Piggybacking off of #4, Do not, and I mean do NOT send a copy of your book to anyone unless it is mutually agreed upon and you set the expectation upfront. This includes what you expect in return for gifting a copy, share rules (This should be a no-brainer, but trust me, it isn’t), and a timeline if applicable. I am fairly certain this is how pirated book sites and friends of friends of friends get their hands on a copy without actually paying for it. If at all possible, send a copy straight to the person’s e-reader.
  6. Do not take social media relationships for granted. Just like “real life” ones, they should be based on trust and mutual respect. And just like real-life ones, burning bridges is not a good look if you’re in the business of selling yourself. People talk, and you never know how far someone’s reach or influence is, so always be courteous and kind, even when they are begging to catch hands. That’s what the block feature is for, and I’ve used it more times than I care to admit. Saving receipts also helps, lolol…
  7. And lastly, when in doubt, just ask! That’s what DMs and IMs and any other private messages are for. I am ridiculously approachable, and if I don’t know the answer, I’m sure I know someone who does or who knows someone who does.
  8. Readers/fans: Do not harass authors with countless personal messages about their work and how much you just love them. I know you don’t mean any harm by it, but many authors find it unsettling and downright creepy. In other words, you look like Annie Wilkes from Misery.
  9. Readers/fans: Do not post disparaging messages on an author’s social media pages about how much you disliked a book or why they did or didn’t address such and such in a book. That’s what reviews are for. And if you feel that strongly about it, then reach out personally to the author (But not in a combative way!)
  10. Readers/fans: Unless the author gifts you a book, do not ask for a free copy of their work because you feel entitled to one. Art is not free. Labor is not free (Or shouldn’t be when the expectation is to be compensated for it). While some authors make writing seem effortless, trust me: It’s not. I’ve tried it. The finished product may be a virtual masterpiece, but you don’t know the behind-the-scenes work it takes to get it there: editing, revisions, life…I have seen so many horror stories from authors about readers who have asked them for free books because they couldn’t afford them or they simply didn’t want to pay for them. I know money can be tight, and buying books is a luxury for some. Many libraries now offer online library cards where you can check out e-books and Amazon has a loan feature. If you can find a mutual book friend who’s willing to loan a book, go for it! But asking for a free book is just tacky…
  11. Readers/fans: Do not harass an author into releasing  a book when they’re not ready. Again, prepping a book for release takes time, especially when you expect (unrealistic) perfection. Now that I’ve experienced the behind-the-scenes action personally, write/release is a myth-at least not for those authors who care about the quality of their work.
  12. Readers/fans: Do not accept an ARC if you have ZERO intention of reviewing it. You were just in it for the freebie, and you basically just suck. ‘Nuff said…
  13. Bloggers: Do not solicit authors for copies of their work to review on your blog. It’s supposed to be the other way around! You have a blog. You put in the work to make it known you’re a review blog and that you’re accepting review requests. Include links and contact info. Establish a social media presence and be active on it! You’ll find 9/10 that the author will seek you out in no time.
  14. Bloggers: Be upfront when an author does contact you. If you have no interest in reviewing their book or if your schedule is hella backed up or whatever, tell them! Don’t string them along and have them wondering when their book will be read and reviewed. And set the expectation before agreeing to a review/spotlight/whatever. Give them a realistic timeline (Something I constantly work on…) and how the review process works. Do they really want an honest review of their work, or do they want a review only if it’s favorable?

I’m gonna end it here. I’m tired (lol). Share some of your do’s and don’ts when it comes to networking. I am constantly learning myself, and I’m sure we can all mutually benefit from it.




Weekly Wrap-Up: IT IS LIT!


Y’all! There have been multiple book bombs that dropped this week, and it is literally LIT! I’m talking to the books like:


There are all kinds of narratives to choose from, and look at these inviting covers! As if I don’t already have an overflowing TBR, it just got a little longer. And I ain’t even mad…

  1. ENVY by Amarie Avant
  2. TRAPPED IN THE COMPANY by Olivia Gaines
  3. THE TRUTH: HIS & HER SIDE…by Christina C. Jones
  4. SCORING CHANCE by Vera Roberts
  5. LEST WE AREN’T FORGIVEN by Railyn Stone
  6. 10-99 by Xyla Turner

New Release: Places In My Heart by Sheryl Lister

Please join author Sheryl Lister as she tours the blogosphere with Write Now Literary Book Tours and her new release Places In My Heart, Pre Order Blitz and Contest on September 15, 2016.


In celebration of Sheryl’s upcoming release, Places In My Heart, she’s giving away (5) five prizes: (4) four mini-swag packs and (1) one Grand Prize of a Reader Lovers Basket, including a Kindle Fire and $25 Amazon gift card. 

Pre-order your copy: Amazon:

Once you’ve ordered, enter the contest here:

This contest is open to US only through September 30, 2016. 

Publication Date:  Oct 1, 2016

Genre: Contemporary Romance

ISBN-10: 0373864701
ISBN-13: 978-0373864706

About The Book

Omar Drummond is a pro football superstar with a body that’s a pure work of art. But Morgan Gray is forbidden to act on their chemistry, or repeat their impulsive kiss. Proving her worth as a sports agent means securing the notorious celebrity as a client, not a lover. Yet between flowers, sweet notes and heady hotel interludes, Omar is shamelessly seducing her…

Other agents—and exes—have tried using Omar as a meal ticket, and he’s closed himself off from emotional entanglements. With Morgan, it’s a whole new playbook. Smart and tough, she can negotiate a contract and turn him on all in one go, and he craves more. But in matters of trust, he’s just fumbled badly. To win her he has to show her the man he can be away from the field and the limelight, and hope that this time they’re both playing for keeps.

About The Author

Sheryl Lister has enjoyed reading and writing for as long as she can remember. She writes contemporary and inspirational romance and romantic suspense. She been nominated for an Emma Award and RT Reviewer’s Choice Award and named BRAB’s 2015 Best New Author. When she’s not reading, writing or playing chauffeur, Sheryl can be found on a date with her husband or in the kitchen creating appetizers and bite-sized desserts. Sheryl resides in California and is a wife, mother of three daughters and a son-in-love, and grandmother to two very special little boys.


Omar knew he had taken a risk showing up at Morgan’s office, but he was desperate. It had taken a lot to persuade Malcolm to share his sister’s information, especially since Omar had declined to say what had happened between them. He toyed with calling first, but changed his mind because he didn’t want to chance her refusing to see him. The woman seated outside Morgan’s office, whom he assumed was the assistant, greeted him with a wide smile and an exaggerated sway of her hips as she led him to the office. Omar ignored the not-so-subtle brush of her breasts against his arm when she turned to leave. In his peripheral vision, he noticed the slight rise in Morgan’s eyebrow and knew she’d seen it, too. He waited until the woman closed the door before turning to face Morgan.
Morgan folded her arms. “What are you doing here?”

“Hello to you, too,” he said.
An embarrassed expression crossed her face. “Sorry. Have a seat.”
Omar took the chair opposite her desk. “I apologize for stopping by without calling, but I figured you wouldn’t see me otherwise.”
“You were probably right. How do you know I won’t call security to throw you out now?”
“I don’t, but I’m counting on your love of football to work in my favor.” They engaged in a stare-down for several seconds until she looked away first.
“How did you know where I worked?”
“Malcolm.” She frowned and he added, “If it’s any consolation, he adamantly refused to divulge your home address.”
“Well, maybe I won’t kill him, after all.”
He chuckled.
“Since you went through all this trouble, I guess I can spare you five minutes.”
Omar knew the mention of football would rouse her curiosity. “I’d like to talk to you about a business proposition.”
“What does that have to do with football?”
“My contract is up for renewal in six weeks and—”
“Don’t you have an agent? If memory serves me correctly, you have one of the best agents around.”
“Things aren’t always as they seem.”
She sat up straight. “What are you saying?”
“I’m saying it’s time for a change, and I’d like you to negotiate my upcoming contract. You’re an attorney and, according to your brother, you know football like you’ve played it all your life.”
Her eyes lit up and her mouth fell open. “Are you serious? Wait a minute.” She sat back again and angled her head. “What about your current agent? Did he dump you or something?”
Omar sighed. “No.” There was more to it, but he would only tell her if she agreed to represent him.
Morgan narrowed her eyes. “There are dozens of sports agents out there, and I’m certain any one of them would be happy to take you on, especially with your numbers from last year. Yet you’re in my office.”

He smiled. “You checked my stats? So, you’re admitting I’ve got game?”
A rush of color darkened her face. “Why me?” she asked, ignoring his questions.
“You want to be an agent, and I need one.” He leaned forward and whispered, “And I know you passed the sport’s agent certification test. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.”
“On second thought, I am going to kill Malcolm,” she muttered.
“I need your help, Morgan. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.”
“I have to think about this.” She turned slightly in her chair and stared out the window, and then back at him. “You realize I already have a job. And I’m working on a case.”
Omar nodded. “I understand, and I have no problems working around your schedule.”
“Even on weekends or late evenings.”
“I see.” She went back to staring out the window.
He could almost hear the wheels turning in her head. She bit down on her lip, drawing his attention and reminding him how much he enjoyed kissing her.

Finally she angled her head his direction. “I’ll agree on one condition.”
“What’s that?”
“You keep your hands and lips to yourself. No more kisses.”
Omar groaned inwardly. There was no way he could go without kissing her. In fact, it had been the first thing on his mind from the moment he saw her today. “Morgan—”
“No. More. Kisses,” she repeated.

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New Release: Lies You Tell by LaQuette

Lies You Tell


A mob boss finding his dead lover alive six years after her
death, shocking.  Learning they’ve got a
five-year-old son…deadly.

Six years ago Sanai Ward fled her life in Florida when her

lover’s infidelity nearly brings her life to a fiery end.  Scared and devastated, Sanai starts over from
nothing, determined to create a safe and happy life for the child she discovers
she’s carrying.
Single parenthood isn’t easy. But the joy of watching her
beloved Nazario thrive is more than enough motivation to ignore the ache in her
heart for the man that shattered her soul.
Dante De Luca is a passionate man who’s had his life stolen
from him.  Six years ago he was in love
and happy, until his woman was killed in a fire. Sanai was gone.  There was nothing left in the ashes but the
locket he’d placed around her neck.  Too
angry to deal with his loss, Dante seeks to make the rest of the world pay for
his broken heart by forming an unholy covenant with an unspeakable ally.  He knows he’ll live to regret it, but signing
away your humanity to the devil seems meaningless when your soul is already
When an accident involving a family member draws Dante to
New York, and forces an unexpected meeting between he and Sanai, Dante has to
decide what’s more important.  His rage
and revenge, or the safety of the woman he once loved and the health of their
Just when Sanai’s deception is beginning to sting less,
Dante is faced with the fallout of his own lies.  Will she forgive him?  Will they survive them, or will their lives
become tragic casualties of the dangerous lies he told?


“‘Fuck are
you doing in here? I left you in the living room,” she barked.
“Forgive me if I didn’t trust you not to disappear through
the bathroom window,” he countered quietly.
She walked until she stood directly in front of him, chest
heaving, head pounding with the sound of her heart banging against her ribs. “Who
the fuck do you think you are?”
He stood up, his frame reaching just shy of six feet, solid,
with thick muscles straining his shirt, forcing her to take a step back as she
looked up at him.
“I’m the fucking man that loved you more than my own life!” he
bellowed as he stepped forward, forcing her to backpedal with each step he
took. “The man who thought he would die when he found a dead woman burned
beyond recognition holding the locket I gave you, the locket you wore every
day. I’m the fool that stood over a hole in the ground and cried like a baby at
his mother’s tit while a casket holding what I thought were your remains was lowered
into it!”
Her back crashed against the hard wall, but she couldn’t
stop to worry about the zing of pain spreading against her shoulders and the
back of her skull. Unsure of what he’d do, she needed to keep her eyes on him.
The Dante she’d known had never been a violent man—intense
with a temper to be wary of, yes, but never violent.
Can you be certain of
that six years later?
When she was flat against the wall, he cornered her, both
arms caging her as his palms rested on either side of her head. He leaned down
closer to her, forcing his eyes to meet hers. “I’m the man who came back to
that lonely grave every day for six fucking months, lying curled up on it because
it was the only place I could be physically close to you.”
The image of Dante lying in a dark cemetery aching for her
tore something in Sanai. He might have been indirectly involved with why she’d
left Florida the way she had, but no human being deserved that kind of mental
and emotional torture. That was exactly what it was; the rage filling his fixed
onyx stare was telling enough. There was so much anger there, anger that only
came when you’d lost something irreplaceable.
His pupils were blown, his breathing ragged, large swells of
air pushing in and out of his lungs. He wasn’t speaking. She didn’t even think
he was capable of speaking any longer, rage vibrating off his trembling frame.
She took a shaky hand and touched the small patch of olive
skin on his wrist exposed by his rolled-up sleeves.
“Dante, I…” She swallowed, attempting to think of what to
say next. She’d had cause to be angry all these years, much of it focused on
him. But she’d never entertained the idea that he’d suffered the way his
outburst suggested.
She couldn’t find the words, so she stroked that area of
skin with slow, soft movements. She continued her circular strokes until his
breathing calmed, until he began to blink away some of the rage clouding his
soulful eyes. Until she believed he was seeing her and not his anger at her.

“Dear God… You’re alive.” 

Author Bio:
LaQuette is an erotic, multicultural romance author of M/F and
M/M love stories.  Her writing style brings intellect to the drama.
She often crafts emotionally epic, fantastical tales that are deeply pigmented
by reality’s paintbrush. Her novels are filled with a unique
mixture of savvy, sarcastic, brazen, and unapologetically sexy characters
who are confident in their right to appear on the page.
This bestselling Erotic Romance Author is the 2016 Author of the
Year Golden Apple Award Winner, 2015 Swirl Awards Bronze Winner in
Romantic Suspense, and 2015 Georgia Romance Writers Maggie Award Finalist in
Erotic Romance. LaQuette—a native of Brooklyn, New York—spends her time catering
to her three distinct personalities: Wife, Mother, and Educator.
Writing—her escape from everyday madness—has always been a
friend and source of comfort. At the age of sixteen she read her first
romance novel and realized the genre was missing something: people that looked
and lived like her.  As a result, her characters and settings are always
designed to provide positive representations of people of color and various
marginalized communities.
loves hearing from readers and discussing the crazy characters that are running
around in her head causing so much trouble.  Contact her on Facebook,
Twitter, her website,, Amazon, her
Facebook group, LaQuette’s Lounge, and via email at
Lies You Tell
Book Trailer



Monday Musings: The Buck Stops At The Book Cover

Monday Musings III

I will be the first to admit, two things factor into my purchase consideration before I even read the blurb, especially if it’s an author I’ve never read before:

  • The cover
  • And the title

Yes, I am petty like that. I own it completely. And no, this is not to covertly call out anyone. I like what I like as I’m sure you do too. Now, let’s take these mock covers I created for example (Do not clown my skills. I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit):


This cover is quite ambiguous to say the least, but it’s clean and linear (Does that make sense?), but I have no idea what to expect. Is it a romance? A coming of age story? And as aesthetically pleasing as the cover is, I am more than likely to bypass this one because I see this listing right under it:


With this gorgeous couple and “call to action” title, I immediately want to know more. What is their story? Who hurt whom? And that mini blurb under the title already gives me a clue as to what this book is about.


Let’s look at another example:


This cover is cute enough, and the title is certainly worthy of an eyebrow cock (no pun intended, ok, maybe a little one, tee hee). Honestly, I’d consider this one because the cigar and drink are kinda sexy and tells me that these dudes are real alpha jerks. But let’s look at this one:


Ho-ly shit! What is this?! A story about fuckboys? The fact that the author had the balls to put “fuckboy” in the title has me going, Lemme check this out!  Oh, and that sexy sexy specimen in the background…Yeah, I took the bait, but ain’t that part of your (author) trying to claim my dollars?

Trust me, I know how challenging it is for authors to find the right cover art. It’s even more challenging for those who write characters of color. I personally know because I create my own promo graphics, and I look for artwork that best represents the characters and stories I either profile or edit, and the pickings are slim, especially when you’re on a budget and can’t afford a custom photo shoot or a quality pre-made cover. I truly get it. Well, my right brain does, but my left brain ain’t trying to hear that.

And let me also stress that I do not not buy books because I don’t like the cover. I can list ten easily with less than visually appealing covers that are among my faves, so please don’t get in ya feels about this post. I’m  just displaying a little snark...

So, my question to you is, how influential are book covers and/or titles to you when making a purchase decision?