Monday Musings: When An Author “Strays”


This season of releases promises to be lit! I don’t know what’s in the author drinking water, but there seems to be a shift in the tide, and I’m so ready to ride the wave. Okay, enough of the metaphoric mumbo-jumbo. What the hell am I talking about exactly? I’m referring to when authors think and write outside their proverbial box.

Erotica authors are writing new adult or clean romances. New adult authors are writing “dark” romances. AA authors are writing IR romances. IR authors are writing “mainstream” romances. Christian romance authors are including “0_0” love scenes in their stories (How you think most of us got here?)


It’s a wonderful time to be a reader. But what if you don’t want your fave to go off the beaten path? Do you feel a sense of betrayal when they write something different, especially when it may be a genre or subject matter you aren’t feeling too tough? I’ll be the first to admit, that yeah, I feel some type of way when an author I love writes mainstream (aka white-on-white) romance. But in the end, it ain’t about me. Or you. It’s about the story that is compelling the author to write, and what that looks like may not be for you.

Hold Up

One thing I’ve learned from working closely with authors is that they have these creative minds that are literally exploding with stories, and ideas, and concepts that have to be told. Sometimes, I don’t get it, but I do get it. Writers are so precious and so special, and I think we take them for granted sometimes because they are so dear to us and we hold them to these often unrealistic expectations.

In actuality, this is a public note to self. While I look forward to many of these “alt” releases, I have to also remind myself not to hold it against the author if it’s something I ain’t down with. Repeat after me: EVERYTHING AIN’T FOR EVERYBODY. So please don’t let this sour you on an author. If it’s something you know you aren’t interested in, keep scrolling. Or better yet, consider giving it a chance, especially if the author is a fave. You just may be surprised.

Anyone who knows me knows I only read BW romance, but a fave off mine wrote a WWBM romance and I literally hooted and hollered. I gave it a chance, though. And I loved it! Just don’t let one or two books an author’s written that you don’t particularly care for be your sole reason to stop supporting them altogether.




4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: When An Author “Strays”

  1. Thank you for this post, Patrice! I appreciate readers like you who understand the process. I think my entire writing career thus far has been writing out the box shit compared to what’s normally seen in mainstream contemporary romance.

    Breaking out and doing something different is HARD, but if you have a story that speaks to you, you’ve gotta tell it. LOL, I’m one of those crazy erotica authors doing the clean romance thing. I know we all loooove sex in our stories but sometimes, it’s really about the character connections. All you can do is hope people come along for the ride. 😜

  2. This post totally rocked. As a reader and a writer, I do like when my faves write new things. I think as a writer, since I don’t write by myself(since our pen name is together, so it really is work trying to find a medium) I rarely get my preference, which is speculative fiction. I love writing romance though, literally love it; I just normally cater to my sister’s preference of contemporary settings.

    But as a reader, it would totally warm my heart for a Urban Fantasy writer to make a romance that isn’t spec fic, because if they can make a new world, the current world should be easy, and the other way around!

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