PSA: Blog Hiatus


I want to apologize in advance to all the authors who’ve reached out to me for a spotlight or a feature, but unfortunately, I must take an unforeseen break. Between my 9-5 and my 5-infinity, something had to go…

This isn’t goodbye by a long shot, but I have to do some personal regrouping and prioritizing. I will be back in the coming weeks with features, new releases, and holiday blitzes (Can you believe the year is almost over, and it’s unofficially holiday season?!)

Shameless plug: I’m closing my handmade bath and body business after eight years on Etsy (Another casualty in my wonderfully (snort) busy life.). If you love handmade products, made with (mostly) natural ingredients, check me out! Everything is handmade by me and vegan.

Talk to y’all soon!


Spooky Reads For The Halloween Weekend


Or whenever…but Halloween is Monday and all the happ’nin parties are this weekend. With all these fool clown sightings, I’m staying my black ass in the house and binge-watching horror movies while eating candy I always buy for my non-existent trick-or-treaters. And here are some stories I found that feature black women in a leading role-because we don’t see enough of that in mainstream paranormal/horror/mystery/suspense.

The Grey House by Marcelle Six

Black Beauty by Constance Burris

What’s Done In The Dark by Krys Batts

Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole

I think I covered it with these picks: haunted house, witches, psychological thriller, and zombies. Hope you give one or all of these a consideration, and be safe in these clown-infested, crazy ass skreets.

P. S. Don’t forget to check out the Colors In Darkness Facebook party, happening to-day through Sunday . There will be prizes and giveaways, and I’m also a sponsor. See you there ! 



New Release: Groupie by Danyell A. Wallace


The long-awaited follow up to His Number One Fan is finally here! If you’re new to this series, this series is a fusion of rock star romance and new adult. Whereas His Number One Fan was an oh-this-is-so-sweet story, Groupie is like Whoa!


Mason Scott and Nyla Freeman have taken their relationship to the next level. While Mason is rock-starring on tour, Nyla is taking care of business at home.


Not everyone wants to see Mason and Nyla happy. Or together. This broad gives new meaning to the meaning of a groupie.


Can you say in your Kanye voice, “That shit cray“!

Click up His Number One Fan and Groupie today. They’re real page-turners.


Monday Musings: Writers, How Do You Find Balance?


I would really like for this post to be an engaging one because I’m really seeking advice here. I was speaking with a really good author friend who is on the brink of cracking, and I can totally relate. She’s juggling being a full-time wife and mom (Yes, that is a job) while trying to make time for her personal passion, which at the moment, is writing.

While I don’t have a husband or kids, I do feel married to my 9 to 5, which affords me the lifestyle to which I’ve become accustomed (**snort**). But with my unpredictable working hours (9 to 5 being used metaphorically here), I barely have time to pursue my own passions: blogging, reading, editing, book-related stuffs! Okay, social media is a huge time and energy waster, but in my line of bidness, I rely on them to stay in the know an to get my next ideas.

So, my point is, what are some of your time management techniques that work for you? What tools, apps methods do you employ to pursue your passions while also taking care of home? How do you  find balance without losing losing sight of the things and people that matter to you most?

Blog Tour: The Final Ultimatum by Unoma Nwankwor

Please join author Unoma Nwankwor as she tours the blogosphere with Write Now Literary Book Tours and her new release The Final Ultimatum, October 21, 2016.

Book Title: The Final Ultimatum

Author: Unoma Nwankwor

Publication Date:  Oct 21, 2016

Genre: Christian Romance

About The Book

For the second time in Olanma Obinze-Rice’s life love hasn’t been good to her. Five years ago, a repossessed car and the looming threat of eviction, left Olanma Obinze-Rice in dire need of cash. Then out of the blue, she landed an interview of a lifetime that would solve all her problems. But she had to go through former bad boy and heir of Rice Holdings, Abayomi Rice. One ultimatum, a whirlwind romance and a life scare later, Olanma and Abayomi were married.

Now all Olanma wants is to be free. Free from her rocky marriage, manipulative husband and overbearing father. If everything goes according to plan, she’ll be divorced and free from her father’s clutches by her thirtieth birthday. All she has to do is wrap up one last business deal. Once he gets divorce papers, Abayomi Rice knows his wife has called his bluff. He didn’t mean to manipulate her but her broken promises and inability to stand up to her father tore them apart.

Despite their present state, the finality of a divorce is not an option. He wants his wife back. With his sister’s wedding coming up, he sets his plan in motion and issues one final ultimatum- pretend to be a happy couple one last time. Their farce leads to unexpected healing of their hearts, but then life throws another wrench in the plan. An ultimatum brought them together will this final one tear them apart?

About The Author
Born in Akron, Ohio to Nigerian parents, Unoma Nwankwor is a multi-published author and 2015 winner of the Nigerian Writers’ Award for Best Faith Based Fiction. Her readers are in love with her unique story telling that fuses faith, romance and African spice, capturing the essence of her present home base; Atlanta and her Nigerian culture. She is also the COO ofKevStel Group LLC and resides in Atlanta with her husband and two kids.


“Nma, so where’s this husband you keep saying you have?” Abayomi heard the man say as he approached.
Olanma giggled and then abruptly stopped. Abayomi knew that in that moment she sensed his presence. She turned sideways, but the man she was with was so busy checking her out that he didn’t see Abayomi walk up.

“If he’s not taking care of…”

“I hear you’re looking for me and I take care of my wife just fine.” Abayomi came to a halt between Olanma and the man.
The look of shock on both their faces was satisfying. Nma? He couldn’t believe she allowed another man to call her that. Not even her father called her “beauty.” Only two people had that privilege – he and her grandmother. Or so he thought.

Abayomi snaked his arm around his wife’s waist and kissed her hair. He then stretched out his other hand to the man. “Abayomi Rice, said husband.”
The expression on the man’s face switched from shock to embarrassment. At least he had some shame.
After a few moments, he heard his wife say, “Yomi, this is Emeka Maduka, an old friend.”
Old friend? That’s what she thought. The man wanted her. Abayomi wasn’t fooled. He wrote the book on old friends. It was time to cut this little reunion short. “It was nice meeting you. I’ll take my wife now.”

Abayomi didn’t wait for a response before he ushered Olanma out of the ballroom. He found a secluded area where they could talk. He stared at her and began to pace. He had never been good at hiding his possessive nature.
“Yomi, that was rude and what are you doing here?” Olanma asked in a hushed whisper.
“Apparently, reminding you that you’re still my wife.”
She stared at him in disbelief. “No, I’m not doing this with you.”
“Really? Nma,” Abayomi said, his tone laced with irritation and sarcasm.

“You’ve got some nerve. You pop into Lagos two days ago, and then you don’t come home…” Her voice was shaky with rage. “I’m not doing this with you. Not here.” She began to walk away.
Abayomi exhaled. He was messing this up. “Olanma, wait.”
She stopped, but didn’t turn around.
“I’m sorry. I saw him touch you and then you laughed with him. I haven’t heard that sound in ages and I saw red.”
He hadn’t meant to reveal all that, but masked feelings were what had brought them to this point. If there was going to be a chance for them, they would have to lay down the masks. And since he was the one that was served with divorce papers, he had to take the first step. His prayer was that his vulnerability would lead them back to the intimacy they once shared. Where their souls were tied as one and hopefully rebuild their trust. He hoped she would see that.

Olanma walked back to him and stared at him intently. “It’s been a year. What did you expect? That I’d curl up and die?” She turned and walked away.

Her heated eyes showed him her soul. She was hurt, but so was he. This wasn’t what he imagined for them. Past the pain and anger he saw in her eyes, he also saw longing and love. It was clearer to him that restoring his marriage would be an uphill battle. Losing, however, wasn’t an option.
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Series Spotlight: Falling by Andrea Hopkins


I love when authors reach out to me. Most of the time, I don’t know you exist unless you hit me up! And once we start shootin’ the shit, we’re like friends or something…Case in point: Andrea Hopkins. I got a really nice message on Facebook some weeks ago from a really nice lady who was a new author who wrote a couple of stories, but she needed some help getting the word out. Okay, I’m interested. I check out her books, and my immediate thought is, hol’ up! Does she know what I’m about? Anyone who follows me know well knows what I rep on this here blog. So, just looking at the covers and reading the synopses (Bad girl!), I’m ready to give her the gentle letdown. I go into my spiel, and I really don’t like having that conversation, trust me. I press send and wait for the “Thanks, anyway” or the silently but deadly no reply at all (I hear Phil Collins singing…)

Anyway…I get a reply! And I got s-c-h-o-o-led! This is a multicultural series, missy! A true multicultural series, featuring women of color in a leading role.


Okay, sis! You have my attention. Let’s get into this series then, shall we?

Book 1: Falling In


Evangeline (A very pretty, got it going on Latina) and Cole have known each other since they were six. They were all they had until the children. Life was pretty good. Until Jake moved in next door. Then it all started to downhill…

This is a HW/WM contemporary romance. The language is strong and the themes, clears throat, mature. Yeah, I’m in…

Book 2: Falling Out


In Falling Out, we get the aftermath: Cole’s story. What happens to a man after the love of his life falls in love with another man and moves on? Yikes!

Don’t feel sorry for Cole, though. He is a survivor, and he gets a little help along the way from a brown-skinned beauty named Angeleigh. This chick has her own issues, but Cole may be just what and who she needs to finally live her life on her own terms.

This is a BW/WM, contemporary romance. The language is strong, and so is the lovin’. I must also caution you that this story also involves domestic abuse, however, it does have an HEA.

Both books are also available on Kindle Unlimited and are full-length stories.

Follow author Andrea Hopkins on Facebook and Goodreads today to stay in the loop.

Monday Musings: Forcing Myself To Read Other Genres

Monday Musings III

I was scanning my bloated TBR the other day, and looking at all the titles and/or authors, I realized one thing: I’m so vanilla (Never thought I’d say that!) and predictable when it comes to what I like to read. Now, I know some people are perfectly okay with having preferences, but not the kid. I don’t roll like that. At least I thought I didn’t…

One genre that  admittedly struggle with is paranormal romance. This includes shifters, vampires, inter-galactic, futuristic, science fiction-y stuff. I would not call myself a fan, at all. And that bothers me more than I care to admit, but it’s something about not being able to pronounce the names and the planets, and more importantly, if I can’t “see” myself being in the situation, it turns me off. Yes, I’m weird, and I own it, which is why you’d think I’d be all about this genre. But I’m not.

Now, I’m not saying that I’ve never read any of these books, because I have. And surprisingly, the ones that I have taken a chance on, I actually really liked.But I still go back t my same ol’. I guess I have to take the sushi approach. Hated the stuff with a passion for years until I was introduced to a few “edible” pieces. While I don’t love all sushi, I love some sushi. I don’t love all paranormal, but I like a lot of paranormal. Wait–I’m a living paradox. I love contemporary romance, but I don’t love all contemporary romance. Ugh…I’m a mess…

I’m working on my paranormal-phobia by joining the 2nd Annual Colors In Darkness Halloween Party on Facebook. Join us and meet some wonderful authors and readers who enjoy paranormal, horror, fantasy, and other futuristic and speculative works that feature heroes and heroines of color. There are contests and giveaways galore! Should be a blast!

Is there a genre that you don’t particularly care for that you just won’t read no matter what? Let’s dish…


Romance Slam Jam 2017 Is Coming!


Ok, I am mad ashamed that I have never heard of Romance Slam Jam until about a month ago. I.did.not.know. there was an actual romance convention for authors who write African American and multicultural romance! Did you? I definitely need to get out more…


This year’s convention will be held in the city of angels, and like other mainstream romance conventions, many of today’s leading and up and coming African American authors will be in the building to discuss their work, meet their fans, sign autographs, and just have some fun. There will be prizes, giveaways, and special fan events.

Did you know that RSJ even has its own special award called the Emma?


This is so freaking awesome! If you’re a reader, blogger, author, fan of African American romance, I encourage you to check out Romance Slam Jam and on Facebook, where you can see photos from events past.

Monday Musings: Ugh, I Hate You!


I’m joking. Well sorta…

As a reader, one of the most heartbreaking experiences I encounter is when I read a review of a book that I love, or even like, and the reviewer points out a major flaw or tone that I did not initially pick up on. I think about it, and my immediate thought is denial.



I tell myself that I’m moving on, and if I wanna be really petty, I just might mark that review as “unhelpful”. Three hours later, I’m sitting on the toilet. Still thinking about that review…

This heffa might be on to something…


I compare my review with theirs. It’s obvious that I swallowed the blue pill while they chose the red one, or vice versa, because our perceptions could not be more different. But in the end, I acknowledged their point of view. Didn’t say I liked it or agreed with it, but I recognized that they done lost they damn mind the book obviously has us both feeling some kinda way. Good, bad, or indifferent, although in the back of my mind I’m still thinking They done lost they damn mind


Petti LaBelle