Monday Musings: Paper or ‘Lectric?

Monday Musings III

I swear one of the pettiest literary beefs is books vs. E-readers. Somebody tol’ somebody who tol’ somebody else that real books are printed on paper.


Pardon me, but I thought it was the words that make up the “book”. Who cares what the package looks like? But I get it, book snobs. You like the “book smell”, the dog-eared pages, the fancy bookmarks, the glossy covers, book signings, being able to look at the physical product neatly displayed on your bookshelf,Β  and not having to worry about charging a device. Yeah, yeah…


I am a minimalist. I do not like clutter. Books are pretty, yes, but they take up so much damn space!

I thank each and every author who’s ever sent me a copy of their book. I still own them all and am forever grateful for your generosity.

I love my Kindle. It’s lightweight, extremely portable, holds thousands of books, and let’s be real: the books are cheaper more affordable. For every paperback I could buy, I can buy two or three ebooks, and at the rate that I 1-click books, I can afford this habit and still eat lunch and dinner every day. Yes, I have to charge it, but I have three, along with the app on my laptop and cell phone. And the best thing: They don’t take up space! I’m never without my favorite stories, and yes, I go into panic mode when there’s a power outage, but my books (seen above) always come through in a moment of desperation. And there have been a few moments…

So, what does it matter how we read a story as long as it gets read, right? Do you have a preference?




12 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Paper or ‘Lectric?

  1. I read primarily via kindle or on my phone. YES I READ ON MY PHONE, THEY’RE MY EYES, NOT YOURS AND YOU WILL DEAL (is what I tell people who rear back in horror at reading on a small screen. I prefer it actually).

    I only buy print copies if I know I am going to get it signed. Otherwise I don’t bother. I read print books more slowly. They are bulky and heavy and it’s nice to carry around thousands of books in an app as opposed to one or two books in my bag.

    I don’t CARE what other people read on. Just read. I DO care when people say “real books” because I have formatted an ebook and let me tell you………that thing is REAL. It is every word I typed, every nuance, every punctuation mark. it’s a real book. I will throw my kindle at you if you talk to me about “real books” and I have unfollowed people for continually saying it.

    I might be a little overly emotional about it?

  2. Sometimes paperbacks are cheaper than ebooks which is why I will always shop around before I hit the one-click button. I only buy paperbacks for books I want to keep in my home library. The reason I purchased a Kindle was to be able to have all of my romance reads in one place lol but I “slipped” and started buying nonromance books too. Oopsie!

    Among some authors, the thought is you aren’t legit until you provide your book in a paperback format. I’m with you; the words make up a book for me. The fact that someone sat down and typed out an entire story and hit publish is all the legitimacy you need.

    Although a Kindle makes it hella easy to be a hoarder. LOL #sorrynotsorry

  3. Love the convenience of my Kindles, but I’m a flip-back, re-read, mull-it-over reader, so for my auto favs, it has to be a print book.

  4. I love books in whatever form. Between my husband and me, we have a long bookcase full. Going digital was in the best interest for me to get a lot of new ones without trying to add on another room to our house. πŸ˜€

    I do love the fact that Amazon will tell me when I bought a book before. Saves me from buying the book twice. Unlike the fact that after perusing thrift stores, I now have several copies of a few Nora Roberts books -_- At least I paid at the most $.50 for each copy.

  5. I dont have a prefrence but if the pb and ebook are the same price, Im leaning more towards the pb πŸ˜‰.

  6. I so love paperbaaaaacks. Just posted about this on my IG. I think I have every single Nora Roberts book in print and only a couple backed up on Kindle. I have so many that I had to pack some up in bins in my basement. I have been forced to give some away to reduce clutter. My Kindle library is soooo weak though. At this point I am very selective about purchasing paperbacks (I’m cheap). Reading is the experience for me and I wanna be curled up and turning pages.

  7. As of 3 years ago. I switch over to reading e books. As an avid reader. I love the convenience being able to read on my kindle anywhere I go. Without anyone looking at what I’m reading, or trying to make me feel bad about reading it. I’ve always been an faithful romance reader since the age of 13, and I haven’t turn back since. My thing is. As long as I’m reading . What does it matter what I read . Anyway I digress. That another topic. LOL πŸ™‚

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