Monday Musings: Ugh, I Hate You!


I’m joking. Well sorta…

As a reader, one of the most heartbreaking experiences I encounter is when I read a review of a book that I love, or even like, and the reviewer points out a major flaw or tone that I did not initially pick up on. I think about it, and my immediate thought is denial.



I tell myself that I’m moving on, and if I wanna be really petty, I just might mark that review as “unhelpful”. Three hours later, I’m sitting on the toilet. Still thinking about that review…

This heffa might be on to something…


I compare my review with theirs. It’s obvious that I swallowed the blue pill while they chose the red one, or vice versa, because our perceptions could not be more different. But in the end, I acknowledged their point of view. Didn’t say I liked it or agreed with it, but I recognized that they done lost they damn mind the book obviously has us both feeling some kinda way. Good, bad, or indifferent, although in the back of my mind I’m still thinking They done lost they damn mind


Petti LaBelle

7 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Ugh, I Hate You!

  1. Haha, sometimes I miss things because my reviews are shorter than they used to be😂

    Sometimes we just miss problematic things because it started out well. Or was read before I was woke. I remember loving a book for doing exactly what I hated in another😅

    1. Sometimes I look back on the books I rated 5* or named in my Top 10 before my heightened wokeness, and I literally cringe. To this day, I struggle with re-rating those books, but I leave them as a reminder of how far I’ve come :/

    1. Yesss!!! Being made aware of plot holes is the worst! Especially when I’m having a fangirl moment, lol. Truthfully, if I’m feeling the book in spite of some obvious issues, I will turn a blind eye quick, LMAO.

  2. I laughed at this… I read the one star reviews so the bar is set kinda of low. If I end up loving it, I just acknowledge that everyone is different. And the petty part of me wants to know why the other reader was so stuffy w/ reader-sounding-like-I- should-be-a-writer I-tist…

  3. It is all point of view. If you liked it and you told us why, then I am good. You might not have ranked it so high if you noticed but it was not so bad it drew you out of the story. Which is why I love when so many people review books and give why they enjoyed it and provide a more detail description of the book. Even though I know some people really hate when reviewers describe the book again! But I love it.

    It is like those horrible movies based on weather disasters the syfy channel loves, I love them but I know the plot is weak, the acting stank and I could probably point out a sound man or two.

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