Series Spotlight: Falling by Andrea Hopkins


I love when authors reach out to me. Most of the time, I don’t know you exist unless you hit me up! And once we start shootin’ the shit, we’re like friends or something…Case in point: Andrea Hopkins. I got a really nice message on Facebook some weeks ago from a really nice lady who was a new author who wrote a couple of stories, but she needed some help getting the word out. Okay, I’m interested. I check out her books, and my immediate thought is, hol’ up! Does she know what I’m about? Anyone who follows me know well knows what I rep on this here blog. So, just looking at the covers and reading the synopses (Bad girl!), I’m ready to give her the gentle letdown. I go into my spiel, and I really don’t like having that conversation, trust me. I press send and wait for the “Thanks, anyway” or the silently but deadly no reply at all (I hear Phil Collins singing…)

Anyway…I get a reply! And I got s-c-h-o-o-led! This is a multicultural series, missy! A true multicultural series, featuring women of color in a leading role.


Okay, sis! You have my attention. Let’s get into this series then, shall we?

Book 1: Falling In


Evangeline (A very pretty, got it going on Latina) and Cole have known each other since they were six. They were all they had until the children. Life was pretty good. Until Jake moved in next door. Then it all started to downhill…

This is a HW/WM contemporary romance. The language is strong and the themes, clears throat, mature. Yeah, I’m in…

Book 2: Falling Out


In Falling Out, we get the aftermath: Cole’s story. What happens to a man after the love of his life falls in love with another man and moves on? Yikes!

Don’t feel sorry for Cole, though. He is a survivor, and he gets a little help along the way from a brown-skinned beauty named Angeleigh. This chick has her own issues, but Cole may be just what and who she needs to finally live her life on her own terms.

This is a BW/WM, contemporary romance. The language is strong, and so is the lovin’. I must also caution you that this story also involves domestic abuse, however, it does have an HEA.

Both books are also available on Kindle Unlimited and are full-length stories.

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