Monday Musings: The Long and Short Of It

Monday Musings II

There was a time, not so long ago, when I wouldn’t even consider reading a story that was less than 100 pages or 50k words. I was a certified book addict then, and I not only wanted my money’s worth but my time’s worth as well. I was and still am a “savory” reader, meaning that I like to think and reflect as I’m actually reading. Blame it on my Type A personality or my overanalytical ways, but I own it nonetheless.

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Fast forward to now. The first thing I consider when making a reading selection is still length, but now, I seek shorter titles. I am just too dang busy to read War and Peace length romances anymore, and that saddens me on some level. I used to live for length, and now, if it ain’t short and sweet, it gets pushed to the back if I can’t read it in one sitting or two days, max.

Don’t get me wrong; I still love a long, luxurious romance—when I have the time! And that seems to be never lately. Double-edged sword…

So… Do you have a preference? Is “life” getting in the way or affecting your reading habits? 


19 thoughts on “Monday Musings: The Long and Short Of It

  1. I love a long read, as long as it doesn’t READ like a long read. When I start looking to see how many pages are left, your book is too long. But if I am too wrapped up in the goings on to notice it’s a 400 page epic tome, that’s some good writing! I like to mix them… a short read or novella after a really long one… but novellas are often TOO short for me. it’s just a slice of a story and I am almost never happy after I’ve read one unless it’s the longer kind, almost a novel but not quite.

  2. I used to like longer books before I started writing but I won’t lie, now I’m like you. I go for shorter books because of time. I don’t have hours like I did prior to writing and lounge all day in a book. Once in awhile, I will because I want to read my favorite author but for the most part, shorter read for me.

  3. I still read longer books but the subject manner has to grab me enough to power through if the book is over 200 pages. But yeah, shorter definitely works when you’re writing and still trying to earn your bookworm street cred.

  4. There used to be a time when my only choice when choosing a book to read was where to read it, i.e. sprawled on the sofa or wrapped up in bed with hours to indulge and lose myself, as, like you, I’m a one sitting reader kind of girl.

    Nowadays, there is just too much other ‘stuff’ to read and enjoy. Blogs (wink wink) and endless swiping to see what’s happening in the world of social media.

    Reading is more of a privilege for me these days, so when I do get the chance, I’ll spend all afternoon/evening doing it, with a Do Not Disturb sticky note on my forehead. 65-70k works perfectly. The storyline has had a chance to marinate and I’m emotionally invested.

    That being said, a friend of mine only reads novellas. 25-30K max, gobbled up whilst sat in the car waiting for her kids.


  5. I love a long read. The one thing that makes me want to scream is when I do invest in a 350+ page story is when I run into a lot of “filler” and not interesting filler. Some authors use 20 pages to describe something that should have taken only 5 pages and I find myself flipping thru the book. I hate that. But there are times I do like short and sweet, but I tend to save those when I’m sitting around waiting for my husband to finish washing the car,

  6. I also love a long read. Even when I have limited time to read it. The minimum page book that I would read. Is 150 pages. Anything over that. Especially when it’s good. I’m in book heaven. 🙂

  7. What do you consider long? Because I can devour 350+ pages (if its a really good read) very, very quickly. I’m all about the book I can’t put down. For me, it’s only too long if it sucks!!!

    1. Anything over 200 pages is long to me. Even if it’s a hella good story, I couldn’t read it in one sitting because I savor the pages, even with the short ones. I do appreciate a good, long read, though.

  8. I love long read especially if the novel is thousand plus pages, but if I find a short read such as three hundred pages I try not to grumble to much. So when I read long books, I ration my time so I can study, and work. I give myself 2 hours per night to read.

    1. You’re a pro lol. I always say I’m gonna dedicate this much time to reading. Epic fail. If I open my kindle while in bed, it’s a wrap. It’s 2 am before I know it😂

  9. 400 pages is my max…if it’s longer than that I feel it’s too darn long, 99.9999% of the time. 250 pages is my sweet spot tho. Get in and get out! I look at the amount of pages before I buy the book usually so I know what I’m getting into or if I might need to save it til I go on a vacation for some uninterrupted reading time.

    There are a few authors who can get me to read more but it’s because their writing pulls me in and won’t let go, I have no choice but to continue reading. As someone said, it’s a very bad sign if I’m looking at my kindle wondering how far I have to go. I want to get to the end and feel like, “damn it’s over already??” Those talented few are able to deliver on that but too many long stories are just long for long sake because the author doesn’t have a good editor to pare down his/her long-windedness.

    I used to hate serials but I’m growing to love them because my time is so short. So far for 2017, all I’ve read are novellas and shorts less than 150 pages.

  10. While I will buy a long story, when it comes to reading I pick the novella length stories first. I have to save long reads for holiday periods so unfortunately they rarely get read this days.
    I certainly wont read a serial (books with the same characters) if each story is longer than 100 pages.

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