Series Spotlight: The WanderLynn Experience by L. Loren


“I have followed your blog for some time and keep up with your reviews on Goodreads so I am aware of your style.”– L. Loren

When I read this in author L. Loren’s email to me, I fell the hell out! I didn’t know whether to be flattered or offended. Anyhoo…Missy, here, had only written one book, The Layover, at the time of our initial exchange, and she caught me at a really low time when I didn’t know if I would continue blogging or not. That was three damn months ago! But I keep my word, even if I am a day late and a dollar short. And in those ninety days, two more books dropped! Behold:


Before we go any further, can we take a moment to admire these stinking-cute covers?! I am loving these illustrated cover artworks!  Now, on to the series…

Vivacious, witty, and feisty Lynn Sutton is living the life she desires, with the smarts to match and no strings attached. As the successful owner of a luxury travel concierge service, she is building an empire that only a goddess like her can handle. Until one day, life throws the ultimate curve ball when she loses her only sister in a tragic car accident and becomes the sole guardian of her niece and nephew.


After years of focusing solely on the twins and her career, Lynn is left with the empty nest syndrome when the twins go off to college. She decides it’s time to refocus on herself and her love life. And she’s got her sights set on one man…Connor.


Wealthy and intelligent, Connor Wyatt has never found his true love. Trapped in an arranged and loveless marriage, he craves the one thing his wife refuses to give him: a family. When he meets the beautiful aunt of the young man he is mentoring, she immediately awakens his dormant heart and loins. When his marriage falls apart, he renews his friendship with the beautiful and curvy Lynn in the hopes that he can rekindle a fire that has been smoldering within for years. And an unexpected flight layover brings Connor the chance of his lifetime.


The chemistry between the two is undeniable, but outside forces threaten to douse their inferno forever. Will this love connection finally be made? Or is it already too late?

It goes to say that this is a serial romance in that each story picks up from the last, and this sounds like some hellafied drama (I live for drama because I’m such a boring person).


Get to know author L. Loren and follow her writing adventures (How cute is this pic?!)




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