BLIND REVIEW #1: A Disappointing Sequel


Welcome to my inaugural blind review. What exactly is a blind review? Well, it’s a book that I’ve read that’s got me all in my feelings —and not in a good way! Since I personally do not like to write critical reviews, I do rather enjoy writing shady ones. I can be uninhibited without naming or shaming the book or the author. If you just happen to guess what book I’m talking about, oh, well…I plead the fifth. Let’s go!


My first blind review is about a story that was highly anticipated. It’s like buying a box of commercial fireworks and you save the biggest one for last, and it turns out to be the biggest damn dud! Yup, this sequel was like perfecting the best twist out, but as soon as you step outside, that humidity hits it, and you wind up looking like Buckwheat’s twin sister.

My first pet peeve is the story was short af! I literally read it in less than an hour. And to add insult to injury, the story ended at less than 75% and the rest was snippets of the author’s previous works.


My second pet peeve is the story read like a glorified epilogue of the original story. We ain’t learn nothing new about the couple and the supporting cast. It literally felt like a chapter and a half, ok, maybe two chapters, of “the day after”. malarkeyMy third and final pet peeve is the story just “ended”. There was no wrap-up or nothing! Ok, so what happened to the couple? There were children involved. What happened with that? There was a potential health scare. What happened with that? There was no conclusion and no indication that there would be a coming sequel to the sequel or wrap up to the story. Why fuck with an artistic masterpiece if only to follow up with a color-by-number knockoff?


To say I’m disappointed would be a gross understatement. Until the next blind review…

PS-Did you notice a theme with my memes? Nice sendoff, eh?




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