Monday Musings: The Air Already Feels Different



Monday Musings

I’m going to deviate a little bit for this musing in that it has absolutely nothing to do with books. This is personal. Last week was one of the most emotional moments of my adult life, and I’m referring to the “changing of the guard”. We are in for some dark and scary times. If you are a person of color, a woman, LGBTQ, non-Christian…life as you currently know it could be severely impacted. This is not some sensationalized scare tactic but a real, hard truth. I’m already mobilizing for an empassioned and lengthy fight. I will not live in fear. I will not acquiesce. I will not give in.

In the meanwhile, it’s back to business. More books. More shenanigans. More fun! See ya on the flipside.


2 thoughts on “Monday Musings: The Air Already Feels Different

  1. Nope. I’m not giving in either. Truthfully, in this romance writing business, the party line is very near that of Trump. The Old Guard is fighting tooth and nail NOT to be inclusive. Unless of course, THEY write the “diversity” angle. Yes, tons of non-White heroines, m/m heroes, non-Christians finding Christianity, all penned by White, not any of that authors. They rule it all. With a few token non-Whites sprinkled in. That’s inclusivity to them.

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