Black Love Spotlight #5: Young, Rich & Black by Nia Forrester

Y’all! When I tell you I got my life after I read this book…

In today’s sea of AA literature where young, black millenials are thottin or trappin just to get by (And I am NOT bashing these stories; they just ain’t on my radar at the moment), it’s refreshing to read about a couple of young, black millenials from opposite sides of the tracks who are coming into their own in a social and political climate that doesn’t always have their best interests at heart.

Christopher “Deuce” Sciafe, Jr. got loot and clout. Well, his daddy does…And like many young, black millenials who are among the one percent, he’s pretty much oblivious to the plight of the young, black millenials who are among the ninety-nine percent. He dates white chicks and Latinas with “black woman attributes” (You know, bangin body, phat ass…Yes, a stereotype, but follow along…) In his world, race doesn’t exist as much as class does, and Deuce gets a semi wake-up call when he’s pulled over in shiny new Rover.

Zora Diallo ain’t rich, but she ain’t poor neither. She comes from a hardworking, middle class family, and for her, social activism and advocating for black lives is her main, if not sole focus. And, she’s the antithesis of who Deuce would normally seek in a woman: For one, she’s black. And not just black. She’s black like onyx with a glorious crown of massive, kinky hair. Shit, I’m in love…Do you know how rare it is to read about a heroine who looks like this?! Zora ain’t got time for no playas or games. Lives are at stake!

But the dichotomy between these two characters make the story worth every freaking page. Yeah, they were feeling each other on the DL and started a lil holiday fling, but the story didn’t get hella good until it was time to get back to life–back to reality. Y’all!

I wanted this story to be full-length like a mug! Novellas are always too short, but I swear Nia Forrester made good use of every page. Click this joint today! It’s available on Kindle Unlimited too.


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