Black Love Spotlight #6: Rise by Dylan Allen

Sometimes you stumble across a hidden gem that’s just too good not to share. Rise is the debut novel by author Dylan Allen, and this story is so…different. Is it a romance? Is it a fictional piece with romantic elements? Who cares how you classify it if it’s just good readin’?!

So, without giving the whole plot away, which I am notorious for because I don’t know the meaning of the word summarize, three sisters experience a life-altering event when their father abandons the family because of his involvement in one of the biggest white collar crimes in American history. Adelaide, along with her two older sisters and her mother, flees their hometown with the help of the Feds and settle in good ol’ Silver Spring, MD (where I actually work) to begin a new life with new identities. Addie has bottled up all of this hurt and anger and animosity toward her mother because she feels that her mother checked out emotionally once they started their new lives. Like, what kind of mother goes on with her life as if nothing happened?!

Flash forward thirteen years later, and Addie is a young attorney, living and working in London. She hooks back up with her childhood bestie who knew her and the fam before the “incident”. Addie is in a love drought, partly self-imposed until she meets Simon, who is having issues of his own–all family-related. He ain’t got time for love, but he’ll make a concession for Miss A…

Here is where I’ll stop because I could literally tell you the who story. It’s really good, and I love the international flavor. Addie is Ghanan/Syrian and Simon is Ghanan/British. Rise (There is a meaning behind the title also) is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, and I’m really looking forward to Addie’s sisters’ stories as well. Check it out!


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