New Release: Rogue In Love by Inger Iversen

While Inger Iversen makes us wait for the next installment of Teal and Trent, check out her latest release, which is a standalone featuring one of Trent’s employees. This is the first of a new series of standalones, actually.

Rogue In Love stars Lex and Thea and the premise is in the same vain of Teal and Trent. Not to say the story isn’t original, now, but if you’re a fan of Incarcerated, and the two Teal and Trent stories, then you will probably love this one too.


Ten years ago, Lex was forced to skip town, giving up everything he’d ever known. But even his time in solitude couldn’t keep away the memory of the girl he’d left behind. The girl who’d offered him her innocence, and her heart.

Thea had moved on from the boy who abandoned her. Good job, fiancé, comfortable life in New York … until everything is ripped away from her, leaving her to pick up the pieces alone.

When the care of an ailing loved one brings them back to Blackwater, Lex and Thea are confronted by the pains of the past. For Lex, that means helping to heal the brokenhearted woman he left behind. For Thea, it means refusing to let him see the gaping hole his absence created.

The old feelings still linger, but only they can decide to relight the sparks, no matter the secrets and heartaches that come with them.

Rogue In Love is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. You do not have to read the other stories to follow along with this one, but I personally recommend Incarcerated, Inevitable, and Indelible, which are now available in one convenient box set.


Monday Musings: I Hate The Character But Loved The Book

Does the main character have to be likeable in order for you to enjoy a story?

I have had this discussion with two authors because I was absolutely not feeling the heroines of their stories. They irked me to damn death, but overall, the story was fire! My dilemma was how do I remain impartial and not be overly judgmental when it came to actually reviewing the story. The final answer?  I didn’t . I couldn’t. My feelings about the characters were just too strong to overlook. While I was able to overcome them and actually finish the story, and to a large extent, enjoy it overall, I didn’t go all Petty LaBelle in my review.

I’m starting to learn that all protagonists aren’t created to be ideal or likable. As my author friend put it, they are created to show the human experience in its many forms—some good; some ugly. Pbbbbbbblllllttttt (Yes, that’s me being petty.)

So, the takeaway is, whether you like the main characters or not, does the story make you feel something? Does it linger in your psyche like the dye on your tongue after eating your favorite hard candy? Some do. Many don’t. But I’m learning to keep a more open mind now and not letting these heffas or jerkoffs ruin my reading pleasure.

What say you? If a main character irks you, will you soldier through, or does the story get buried in the Kindle or bookshelf graveyard?

New Release: Forever Yours by D.A. Young

Book Boo Alert! Book Boo Alert! Book Boo Alert!

‘Memba that post I made earlier this month about falling in love with fictional characters? JACK.POT.

I love reading stories about gorgeous guys who aren’t perfect but are perfect, you know what I mean? Isaiah “Zay” Davies is an an alpha male, but he’s not an alpha asshole. He’s protective, but he respects boundaries. He’s been in love with one woman for practically his entire life, but for one reason or another, they can’t make it work.

Oh yeah, there’s Fallon Walsh. My literary nemesis. Zay’s love. Poor, fragile Fallon. She and Zay have a history that goes back to when they were teens, and at now thirty-one, Fallon is trying in vain to forget him. Girl bye. You know you can’t forget a walking god…

You ever want to fight a character? 😀 😀 😀

Forever Yours is the second story in the Circle of Friends novella series. So let’s recap:

Zay is Bae. Fallon has fallen, but will she get up? Ya’ll better click this up and find out!


Monday Musings: You Don’t Run This…

Happy Monday! Not…

Today I’d like to talk about something that even I’m guilty of, and that’s tryna tell or “persuade” an author what book to release next.

I blame you authors! Don’t write a series and get us hooked then you turn around and write five other books before we get the next installment of the book we really want.


Moving on…

Ok, I get it — now. Before I became part of the creative process, I was just another thirsty reader (Ain’t nothing wrong with that) who wanted what I wanted when I wanted it 😛

Now, I know for authors, the characters or the stories compel them in a way their readers would never understand. But, you see, you’ve written this mega series that has sucked the life out of us (in a good way), and we don’t care about nothing else you’ve got going on. All we want is X and Y’s story. We don’t want A and B’s story of this new thing you’ve got going on…

But you know what? We don’t run this. You do. So, give us A and B. Just don’t forget that we’re still waiting on X and Y. And keep us updated, especially when you know that’s the story or series that put you on. You know us readers can have the patience of a petulant child with a bad case of the terrible twos…





New Release: Love by the Books by Te Russ

How gorgeous is this cover?! I’m admittedly not a huge fan of romance covers that don’t feature a couple or person on it, but damn! This is one, mighty fine-looking cover!

Love by the Books is the story of a man and woman who bond over books then gradually bond because of their love of books. Get it? A man who reads is sexy. A man who is passionate about what he’s read is a keeper.

Story time: I used to go with this dude who didn’t care for reading. But he would read The Source, XXL, and DUB magazines faithfully, and would spend hours absorbed in the articles and culture of hip hop, fancy whips, and chrome wheels.

I consider myself a lover of hip hop, but ol’ boy was immersed in it like I am with romance novels. And by the time he’d finish reading, he’d have these philosophical discussions with me about the sub-genres of southern rap and what the difference was between Lorenzos and Fittipaldis. I could truthfully give two shits, but my man was so into it, that I couldn’t help but engage him.

So yeah, I’m saying all that to say I loves me a readin’ man. And don’t forget to check out Love by the Books by Te Russ!

Feminist Reads For Women’s History Month

                                                                     Image via Google

Do you consider yourself a feminist? Is your feminism intersectional? March is Women’s History Month, and I have two books in my arsenal that I am going to make a point to read before the end of the month.

The first book had me at the title: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.

Roxane Gay is a bad mamma jamma, and I encourage you to check her out. Bad Feminist is a collection of essays in which she speaks on past and modern-day issues that affect women in general and as a woman of color. Part musing, part call-out, this one is definitely worth consideration. Any woman who is willing to sacrifice money for principles is aight with me!

The next book on my list is a collection of historical romances. Daughters of a Nation: A Black Suffragette Romance Anthology has been in my TBR for a minute.

Let’s keep it real: Black women have never been at the forefront of the suffrage movement. While these are fictional accounts of black suffragettes, from post-Civil War to post-WWI, these women probably did exist in some capacity (Who knew about the women of Hidden Figures before the movie???), and it’s refreshing to read their stories of managing both love and the movement.

If you have a favorite story featuring the empowerment of women, be it fictional or not, share in the comments.

Monday Musings: Words and Music


I never paid attention to “soundtracks” listed at the beginning or end of a story until this author incorporate the actual lyrics into her narratives. I’ll admit, I thought it was hella corny at first, but when I saw how the song set the scene, I was a convert.

Music notes splash from woman's head illustration. Vector file layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring.

Soundtracks really do give you insight into these characters’ minds, not to mention, the songs themselves are straight fire! You’ll see some oldies but goodies while discovering some new faves. So, the next time an author lists a soundtrack in the story, check it out. Sometimes, a chapter or a scene may make absolutely no sense, but when you listen to the soundtrack, everything all comes together.

Quickies For The Busy Reader

Just some quickies for when you’re short on time but have to get your fix. Check em out!

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Quick synopsis: Best friends get caught up in some shit and have to get married to fix it. It’s only a business arrangement, though. Yeah, right. You know damn well somebody is gonna catch feelings.

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Quick synopsis: Man-whore meets his match. Could it be the real thing?

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Quick Synopsis: Hot nerd mets mystery woman in the club and play who’s zoomin’ who.

So, there you have it. Short, sweet, and cheap!

New Release: A Reservation for One by LaShawn Vasser

What do you do when your man ain’t shit: He lies, cheats, comes home smelling like some other woman’s ass. A bish can only take so much before she says FTS! I’m out!

So, now you’re out, and you have no clue what the hell you’re doing because this sorry sack has been your entire life since y’all been together. Haven Shaw literally has to learn to live on her own and on her own terms but leave it to some new ding-a-ling to come out of nowhere and mess you up all over again.

I figured I’d start telling the synopsis like it t-i tis. You can read the PC version here and click it up while you’re at it.