Monday Musings: Words and Music


I never paid attention to “soundtracks” listed at the beginning or end of a story until this author incorporate the actual lyrics into her narratives. I’ll admit, I thought it was hella corny at first, but when I saw how the song set the scene, I was a convert.

Music notes splash from woman's head illustration. Vector file layered for easy manipulation and custom coloring.

Soundtracks really do give you insight into these characters’ minds, not to mention, the songs themselves are straight fire! You’ll see some oldies but goodies while discovering some new faves. So, the next time an author lists a soundtrack in the story, check it out. Sometimes, a chapter or a scene may make absolutely no sense, but when you listen to the soundtrack, everything all comes together.


5 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Words and Music

      1. Sure for the book? I wish I had compiled a full list(still working the story LOL).

        – Varuna by E.S. Posthumus-

        – Durga by E.S. Posthumus

        -Making You Wait by Jill Scott

        -Good Enough by Evanescence
        *I think those were it for now..thank you for asking!

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