Feminist Reads For Women’s History Month

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Do you consider yourself a feminist? Is your feminism intersectional? March is Women’s History Month, and I have two books in my arsenal that I am going to make a point to read before the end of the month.

The first book had me at the title: Bad Feminist by Roxane Gay.

Roxane Gay is a bad mamma jamma, and I encourage you to check her out. Bad Feminist is a collection of essays in which she speaks on past and modern-day issues that affect women in general and as a woman of color. Part musing, part call-out, this one is definitely worth consideration. Any woman who is willing to sacrifice money for principles is aight with me!

The next book on my list is a collection of historical romances. Daughters of a Nation: A Black Suffragette Romance Anthology has been in my TBR for a minute.

Let’s keep it real: Black women have never been at the forefront of the suffrage movement. While these are fictional accounts of black suffragettes, from post-Civil War to post-WWI, these women probably did exist in some capacity (Who knew about the women of Hidden Figures before the movie???), and it’s refreshing to read their stories of managing both love and the movement.

If you have a favorite story featuring the empowerment of women, be it fictional or not, share in the comments.


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