New Release: Love by the Books by Te Russ

How gorgeous is this cover?! I’m admittedly not a huge fan of romance covers that don’t feature a couple or person on it, but damn! This is one, mighty fine-looking cover!

Love by the Books is the story of a man and woman who bond over books then gradually bond because of their love of books. Get it? A man who reads is sexy. A man who is passionate about what he’s read is a keeper.

Story time: I used to go with this dude who didn’t care for reading. But he would read The Source, XXL, and DUB magazines faithfully, and would spend hours absorbed in the articles and culture of hip hop, fancy whips, and chrome wheels.

I consider myself a lover of hip hop, but ol’ boy was immersed in it like I am with romance novels. And by the time he’d finish reading, he’d have these philosophical discussions with me about the sub-genres of southern rap and what the difference was between Lorenzos and Fittipaldis. I could truthfully give two shits, but my man was so into it, that I couldn’t help but engage him.

So yeah, I’m saying all that to say I loves me a readin’ man. And don’t forget to check out Love by the Books by Te Russ!


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