Monday Musings: I Hate The Character But Loved The Book

Does the main character have to be likeable in order for you to enjoy a story?

I have had this discussion with two authors because I was absolutely not feeling the heroines of their stories. They irked me to damn death, but overall, the story was fire! My dilemma was how do I remain impartial and not be overly judgmental when it came to actually reviewing the story. The final answer?  I didn’t . I couldn’t. My feelings about the characters were just too strong to overlook. While I was able to overcome them and actually finish the story, and to a large extent, enjoy it overall, I didn’t go all Petty LaBelle in my review.

I’m starting to learn that all protagonists aren’t created to be ideal or likable. As my author friend put it, they are created to show the human experience in its many forms—some good; some ugly. Pbbbbbbblllllttttt (Yes, that’s me being petty.)

So, the takeaway is, whether you like the main characters or not, does the story make you feel something? Does it linger in your psyche like the dye on your tongue after eating your favorite hard candy? Some do. Many don’t. But I’m learning to keep a more open mind now and not letting these heffas or jerkoffs ruin my reading pleasure.

What say you? If a main character irks you, will you soldier through, or does the story get buried in the Kindle or bookshelf graveyard?

10 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I Hate The Character But Loved The Book

  1. Depends on how loathsome the character is. If I can’t see any good in the character, it’s hard for me to want them to attain their HEA. If they have some ups and downs and make questionable decisions, I can stick around. Lol I’ll talk about them to death in a review, but I will stick around.

    1. I’m personally speaking to annoying, simple ass characters lol. The ones who are in a dick daze or just so low that they don’t realize what’s going on til two chapters before the epilogue 😭

  2. I can still feel good about a story and hate the guts out of a character. Cause let me tell you, some of the heroines…..girllll!!!! Do you think authors do it to torture us? I think they do, lols.

  3. Right now only one book comes to my mind where I enjoyed the story but hated the two main characters.

  4. I feel exactly like this. I just completed Reservation for One and Two. It was hard because the main character Haven made me want to fight her in both books. Lol. Dont judge me…..

    1. OK?! Can we talk lolol. Lashawn Vasser is having a book chat I believe this Sunday, and I’m going to try my best to make it. Haven had me feeling some kinda way too!

      1. Girl yes! She was on my last. Question….have you ever done a blog about books that got great reviews and people suggested but you just hated it?! I think that would be a good one and I have a very long list. Lol. Love your blog.

      2. Thank you! That topic sounds very familiar lol. I talk so much ish on this blog, but yes, it’s happened to me a lot! I’ll get recs in GR for books I’ve read and hated or for books I have no intentions of ever reading. I politely thank them for the rec and keep it moving lol

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