New Release: Rogue In Love by Inger Iversen

While Inger Iversen makes us wait for the next installment of Teal and Trent, check out her latest release, which is a standalone featuring one of Trent’s employees. This is the first of a new series of standalones, actually.

Rogue In Love stars Lex and Thea and the premise is in the same vain of Teal and Trent. Not to say the story isn’t original, now, but if you’re a fan of Incarcerated, and the two Teal and Trent stories, then you will probably love this one too.


Ten years ago, Lex was forced to skip town, giving up everything he’d ever known. But even his time in solitude couldn’t keep away the memory of the girl he’d left behind. The girl who’d offered him her innocence, and her heart.

Thea had moved on from the boy who abandoned her. Good job, fiancé, comfortable life in New York … until everything is ripped away from her, leaving her to pick up the pieces alone.

When the care of an ailing loved one brings them back to Blackwater, Lex and Thea are confronted by the pains of the past. For Lex, that means helping to heal the brokenhearted woman he left behind. For Thea, it means refusing to let him see the gaping hole his absence created.

The old feelings still linger, but only they can decide to relight the sparks, no matter the secrets and heartaches that come with them.

Rogue In Love is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. You do not have to read the other stories to follow along with this one, but I personally recommend Incarcerated, Inevitable, and Indelible, which are now available in one convenient box set.


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