Monday Musings: I’m Guilty Too

This post may turn some of you off, but hey, when has that stopped me from speaking my truth. I didn’t intentionally mean for that to sound so snarky, but it’s Monday…

I pride myself on being a blog that claims to profile and showcase the stories of black women in love. But in the almost three years of this blog’s existence, I have yet to feature the story of a black woman who was not cis and not heterosexual, and for that, I am sorry. It’s neither intentional nor a reflection of my social or political beliefs. In fact, it’s the complete opposite and a purely a selfish act.

I plan to remedy that very soon. I love reading about love in all its forms, and I plan to feature stories that aren’t so “traditional”, so, yeah. This is your heads up.


8 thoughts on “Monday Musings: I’m Guilty Too

  1. I’m really happy to read this! YAY!!!! I don’t think you should apologize though. I think when you initially began this blog, you had a specific vision in mind. People change over time. Themes change, interests change, causes change. It’s your blog and you went in the direction you wanted, and it’s okay to change that direction. People do it all the time. I applaud your willingness to be more progressive.

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