Book Spotlight: Home by K. Carr

Not gonna lie, the cover was love at first sight. Didn’t know a dang thing what the story was about or nothing… But after reading Home by K. Carr, I was blown away.

Home is what I call an international romance. It’s set in the UK, and there’s lots of British vernacular throughout. I love it! I giggled like a damn fool reading words like “bollocks”, “shag”, and “snog”. But there is so much more to this story than the language. This is a story about redemption and second chances. A wife and mother does the unforgivable: She abandons her family with no rhyme or reason. Or so we think.

Charlie Sutton has been away from home for three years when she receives a frightening phone call that forces her to drop everything and return home. While some people are over the moon about her homecoming, her husband Alec isn’t one of them. What kind of person dips on her husband and two young sons without a single word and then comes back expects everything to be all wine and roses? Charlie has good reason. Postpartum depression is real, y’all, and left untreated, it can be disastrous on a woman and have a ripple affect on everyone around her. Home is a story daring enough to talk about the ugliness of it without it being all preachy or “this is what you should’ve done” crap.

While this story is heavy in more ways than one, it’s still a romance at its core. There’s a good amount of drama too when everyone has moved on with their lives after Charlie’s disappearance (You know what that means…) Will Charlie reclaim what’s hers or just go with the flow as she had before the “incident”? Click this one up, y’all. It’s a real page-turner.





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