Monday Musings: Was I Smoking Crack??

Did that headline grab your attention?!

I seriously ask myself that question because I took a very strict stance with myself this year: FINISH EVERY BOOK I START. No more Kindle graveyard, and y’all…I’m struggling like a motherf*&%*%!

For one thing, if I’m reading a romance, and it ain’t no oochie coochie by the 50% mark, it’s basically a wrap. I’m not talking a piece of fiction with romantic elements. I’m talking about a billed “romance”. Yeah, yeah, I know that not all romances include sex, but you gotta be on some Pulitzer Prize-winning steez to keep my attention if it ain’t no loving relatively early on in the story. Sue me…

So, I’ve made this deal with myself: If I start a book, and I’m not feeling it by 50%, I cannot buy a new one until it is finished. If I absolutely can’t finish it, then I’m allowed to start an unread book in my TBR of 1000+ (not even a slight exaggeration.) The caveat to that: It must be the oldest book in the TBR, meaning not one I recently purchased. I have unread books that go back to 2012? Have I made progress, though? No.comment.

How do y’all handle this conundrum? Are you simply an eff it; this book is trash, moving on kinda reader? Or do you force yourself to finish the book? Or something outlandish like what I do? I know I’m not the only lunatic particular one.


19 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Was I Smoking Crack??

  1. I agree 100% but I force myself to finish. It has to be a hella good book and the sex scene needs to be worth the wait. And I dont want just one!!
    If I wait 50% into the book then they need to be fk’n every other chapter after.

  2. I just move on. rules make reading not fun for me. If it’s not working, it’s not working. I read what sounds good and buy what I want. I will never read every book I have purchased but that doesn’t really bother me. I OWN IT so if I EVER wanted to read it, I have it.

    I only force myself to finish if I agreed to read it for review or if I am beta-ing. And… frankly I skip a LOT of sex in favor of ‘the story’ so if the story doesn’t hold up without sex I probably have already quit reading.

  3. I struggle with this myself. I have many books that are only partially read on my bookshelf and I think I may need to start a similar policy of not buying any more until I have finished all of the books on my shelves!

  4. I plead the fifth on how many books I have left to read but I did…kinda sorta make a comittment to finish what I have. We shall see how that goes.

    I will say if a book doesnt grab me by 50%, issa wrap.

  5. I usually start reading something else but will come back to it later. Like you I 1000+ books on my TBR list and vow everyday to not buy anymore until I get my unread book count far not happening. LOL

  6. I quit, LOL. I’ve given up on books at the 10% mark and the 15% mark. I feel like my time is too valuable to be spent on books that don’t capture me. If I have to force myself to finish, that’s not a pleasant reading experience. But I am trying to go back in the TBR pile and read books from back in the day. When I did a cleaning of my Kindle last year, I got rid of a lot of books I have no intention of ever reading. It lessened my anxiety a lot!

    1. I tried cleaning mine out, but I can’t do it. I’m like, I paid such and such for this… My cheap ass… $3.00 or my sanity? See my problem 😭

  7. If feel so good that I’m in great company,and I’m not the only one that feels and acts this way. Sometimes I force myself to read the book and other times I just give up. I say WTH I don’t have time for this.

  8. If it is a book I’m struggling to read I will either skim the rest of the book or try reading the book from the last chapter back to where I left off to see if that captures my attention. If neither of those options work I just give up and move on.

  9. Ummmmm…you know I just keep buying and tell myself everything’s alright. I have given up on the shame! I want my romance well written, but I want it to be as smutty as possible! I DNF like a mofo now and I am so proud of myself for not forcing a book that just isn’t working. Everything isn’t for everybody and there is too much goodness out there to make yourself suffer! And I LOVE what Karen said! Every-other-chapter! Yes, ma’am!!

  10. I put that ISH down and then I write a review that I couldnt finish it. And I do NOT play about my sex scenes. By about 40% im like WTF am I doing with my life?! Lol. I have stopped so many books its unreal. Some are so damn bad I almost want to get on a plane and fly to the authors house to slap them and their publisher for approving it. And I have no shame. There are books that ppl are like “yeeesssss girl”., “read it”….and I couldnt even get pass the prologue. 😑😑 #RantOver

  11. I made this same vow back in 2014 (I think), coupled with reviewing every book I read. WTF!! I was definitely high when I put that pressure on myself. The only thing that challenge taught me was that I’m not here for reading books I’m not enjoying. Life is too short and my TBR is too long.

    No sex by 30% and I start getting antsy. I might not give up if it’s authored by a fave or the writing is really good (i.e. the author makes the lack of boot knocking believable). 50%…they better have some hot & heavy making out/groping/foreplay or I’m out! ✌️✌️ Literally or figuratively…I may finish the book but trust the review won’t be more than 3 stars. An author has got to work hard to make me really believe that slow burn ish besides just building anticipation. And when it happens it better be so hot that I need to change MY drawers. Read a book once where the sex didn’t happen til 75-80-% and they did some groping and there was a brief description of oral and it faded to black. I thought something was wrong with my kindle and it had skipped some pages. I was so mad!

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