Newbie Love: Author Debuts

Authors, do you remember (of course, you do) releasing your very first book? Were you excited? Nervous? Eager for that first sale? Afraid to look at that first review? All of the above?

I constantly troll Amazon (I know there are other retailers out there, but I stick with what’s familiar and convenient) for not only new books but new authors. I cannot tell you how many hidden gems I’ve found (I can, and I will in a post to come…) from new authors. Here are three that I’ve picked up in the last month. First, the covers caught my eye (I cannot stress enough how important cover art is), and second, the blurbs got a sista hooked. Instant click. Have I read them all? No, not yet, but the month is still young and my weekends are pretty open at the moment (Ok, who else ain’t done their taxes yet?) Anyway…

That One Missing Piece by Alida Alana

Genre: AA, Women’s Fiction, Second Chances

Synopsis: When you have the perfect man and blow it because of fear and non-communication, are you deserving of a second chance when he walks back into your life? Hell yeah, you are. And you better not blow it! Life isn’t perfect, but it has its perfect moments, especially when you met the one. We all have a little bit of Jade in us, and Ellis is book bae.

Mia by Lenka Kennedy

Genre: IR, Women’s Fiction

Synopsis: Mia is a Black Panther living in 70’s San Francisco where she meets a hippie (white dude) named Caleb. They’re feeling each other, but Mia is struggling with her feelings because of their racial and sociopolitical differences. Will Mia defy her heart to remain a loyal soldier in the struggle, or will love ultimately prevail?

Two very different books. I hope you give them both a try. Happy Reading!


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