Monday Musings: Authors, I’ma Need Y’all to Do Better

Now before you get ya keyboards all up in a bunch, I’m not saying all authors. And this is not a call out post, but I have been feeling some type of way for a minute. WTF am I talking about, you may ask…Two things:

  1. Updating cover art of existing work and
  2. Re-packaging existing stories and presenting them as new work.

One word: DISCLOSURE! DISCLOSURE! DISCLOSURE! (That’s one word three times smarta$$)

I have been burned more times than I care to recall, so I beg of you: When you’re updating the cover art on an old story, please include that in your synopsis, announcement, etc… And when you’re re-releasing a story that was part of a box set or anthology, even if you’ve added 3,500 more words, let us know that! This also includes stories you’ve once offered for free on your blog or website that you’ve now bundle up all purty in book format.

Don’t play us. We got loooooooong memories, and when you mess with our coins, you know some of us have zero chill. I appreciate the authors who are forthcoming with their readers. Thank you for your consideration.


3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Authors, I’ma Need Y’all to Do Better

  1. Thanks for this post! As long as you let me know beforehand that the story isn’t really new, I’m ok with it. I’ve also gotten burned before or just didn’t buy a book because after reading the synopsis I could’ve sworn I’d already bought and read the book and didn’t want to be proven right.

  2. Can I just say I also hate when they say coming soon but give you no release date. So then the book comes out 6 months to a year later newsflash that’s not coming soon!!!!

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