New Release: In Haven by B. Love

Okay, author B. Love has been on my radar for a minute. Sis got books under her literary belt! In Haven is her latest and just reading the blurb got me wanting more.

So, Raleigh does not want or need love. After watching her pops beat down her mother for as long as she can remember, nah…You can keep that. She can do bad all by herself…

Haven (That’s the guy, by the way) didn’t fare much better. He never new the love of a caring mother or how to be a “man” from an involved father. For this reason, he wants a wife so he can be for her all the things he didn’t receive when he was growing up (Not the “man” part, of course). And guess whom he has his sights on?

Raleigh is feeling Haven, but she is not about to go there with him, even though he makes her feel things she doesn’t want to. Will she stop faking the funk and give in to her feelings, or will he get tired of her mess and ultimately move on? One word: DRA-MA!

In Haven is also available on Kindle Unlimited. Add it to your TBR today, and check out B. Love’s extensive library. Happy Reading!


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