Monday Musings: ARCs Feel Like College Reading Assignments

Have you ever volunteered or have been asked to read an ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy or Advanced Review Copy, depending on whom you ask) of an author’s work, and you’re all gung-ho and enthusiastic– until it’s time to actually start reading LMAO?! Oh, it’s just me? :/


  • You receive the text
  • You must read and analyze the text by the assigned due date
  • You must provide a written summary of your analysis to present to your “professor” and all your “classmates”

I ain’t gon lie: I volunteer for ARCs because I want in. I like being first, and I wanna have the privilege of reading before everybody else

Accepting the responsibility of an ARC is serious business. Not only are you being entrusted with a pre-published work, but authors are counting on you to actually read their story and provide honest feedback. Lemme backtrack. Most want honest feedback, but only if it’s good. And that’s where things can get touchy.

So, how do you handle completing an ARC that you just aren’t feeling? Do you soldier through and post your review, good or bad? Do you contact the author with your concerns and ask if they still want that honest review? Do you not do anything and risk being put on the ARC shit list? I’ve done all three and lived to tell the tale.